Monday, June 22, 2009

Youtube and Video Marketing.

The most ‘in’ thing in the field of entertainment is navigating to Youtube and video marketing has marketing has successfully made its way to on-line viewers around the world. Gone are the days where people used to hop from one place to another in search of information, thanks to the fast progression of technology and the advancement in the field of computer. And after the emergence of internet, all the info is just a click away. Sounds great for information seekers and also for marketers.

Youtube stores enormous information ranging from education to cinema and we also get to see live videos promoting products and services for certain fields. Taking advantage of this site for marketing purposes is very effective knowing that over 80 million videos are being posted and watched by people around the world. Putting your videos on Youtube is free and can boost the popularity of your videos especially if they hold information about your products and services.

Marketing on Youtube is a very effective way of introducing your products or services to the world. This process gives viral marketing a whole new meaning. Social networks also refer to Youtube that’s why brand awareness is not a problem, this means increase in sales in a short period of time. People visit Youtube for entertainment but a large percentage of these people visit Youtube to find certain products or services that will fit their need.

In Youtube, spreading your marketing videos is never an issue. People can refer to your videos via blogs, forums and social networks. It can also be regarded as a combination of free advertising and a cost cutting method. It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone as they say.

And what I like from Youtube is you can learn a lot of things with the site. If you have no idea on what and how will you create your marketing videos then navigate Youtube to find videos that will give you an idea. Tutorials and tips has a large amount of number in Youtube’s database, and I mean a lot. Theses tutorials can give you insight about the new trends in marketing today and you can also contact the owner of the video and eventually chat with him through Yahoo Messenger or Skype. These tutorials are also brief yet helpful and you can find videos that are related to a certain business. Having business partners and sponsors through Youtube? Not impossible, right?

With competition always constant in marketing, being abreast of the latest trends should always be in mind. Remember to take advantage of the fast progressing technology; the information is at the tips of your fingers don’t let technology leave you behind. And always learn new things everyday.

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