Monday, June 8, 2009

An Effective On-line Marketing Strategy, Putting Vidoes On Your Site

Using videos on websites has opened a new bridge for easy access between internet shoppers and on-line marketers. This new trend has evolved from a form of entertainment to an effective on-line marketing strategy. And with the help of search engine optimization or SEO in hand; putting videos on sites has become a powerful tool to get customers worldwide.

You might be wondering about the reasons of using videos on websites. Well, here are the reasons why:

1. "To see is to believe." This one's an old quote and yet it's one way of describing the effectiveness of putting videos on web sites. Showing your products on-line is like saying "our products are perfectly real", this will convince the potential customers that you are sincere and eventually gain their trust. Always remember that visualization is very important in marketing, people don't need a whole page of promises, and they want to see the 'real thing'.

2. Customer support made easy. Always expect that customers will need help and/or ask about your products or your services. Some people don't have the patience of dialing the phone to contact you and ask for your help, they want an easier way instead. This can be fulfilled by putting tutorial videos on your site. With just one click on the play button, customers and potential customers will have their answer at their fingertips.

3. Putting videos means putting your sight in the lime light. Embed your videos through video sharing sites like Youtube. By doing this, there's a great chance that people around the world can get a glimpse of your videos, they can use your videos and eventually link back to your sight, making your web site more searchable and popular in the cyberspace.

4. Videos speak louder than texts. With so many things going on in the cyber space, people have no time to read bunches of texts in a single web page. Sending your message through videos is easy, faster and effective.

Take advantage of the technology and learn things that will benefit you and your customers. Putting videos on your websites is an easy and effective way of introducing your products. Just be creative and sincere.

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