Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye and Thank You, Jacko

At the age of 11, Michael Jackson rocked the world at an early age. Who would have thought that his death will be so sudden?

Before the final curtain, MJ passed away at the age of 50.

The boy from Gary, Indiana left but his legend lives on.

He might changed his color but it doesn’t matter if he’s black or white what matter most is how he made us feel and how he rocked our world.

MJ was accused of many things but he faced them all even if he has to wear a mask. The world was too harsh on him that’s why maybe, just maybe, he left us without a single clue.

I have known MJ’s songs since I was a child and I could say that somehow he influenced me as a musician.

Deep from my heart, I want to say thank you Michael for the music you left us. My children may not see you perform brilliantly live on stage but your music will tell everything.

Goodbye and thank you, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Youtube and Video Marketing.

The most ‘in’ thing in the field of entertainment is navigating to Youtube and video marketing has marketing has successfully made its way to on-line viewers around the world. Gone are the days where people used to hop from one place to another in search of information, thanks to the fast progression of technology and the advancement in the field of computer. And after the emergence of internet, all the info is just a click away. Sounds great for information seekers and also for marketers.

Youtube stores enormous information ranging from education to cinema and we also get to see live videos promoting products and services for certain fields. Taking advantage of this site for marketing purposes is very effective knowing that over 80 million videos are being posted and watched by people around the world. Putting your videos on Youtube is free and can boost the popularity of your videos especially if they hold information about your products and services.

Marketing on Youtube is a very effective way of introducing your products or services to the world. This process gives viral marketing a whole new meaning. Social networks also refer to Youtube that’s why brand awareness is not a problem, this means increase in sales in a short period of time. People visit Youtube for entertainment but a large percentage of these people visit Youtube to find certain products or services that will fit their need.

In Youtube, spreading your marketing videos is never an issue. People can refer to your videos via blogs, forums and social networks. It can also be regarded as a combination of free advertising and a cost cutting method. It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone as they say.

And what I like from Youtube is you can learn a lot of things with the site. If you have no idea on what and how will you create your marketing videos then navigate Youtube to find videos that will give you an idea. Tutorials and tips has a large amount of number in Youtube’s database, and I mean a lot. Theses tutorials can give you insight about the new trends in marketing today and you can also contact the owner of the video and eventually chat with him through Yahoo Messenger or Skype. These tutorials are also brief yet helpful and you can find videos that are related to a certain business. Having business partners and sponsors through Youtube? Not impossible, right?

With competition always constant in marketing, being abreast of the latest trends should always be in mind. Remember to take advantage of the fast progressing technology; the information is at the tips of your fingers don’t let technology leave you behind. And always learn new things everyday.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Using CD/DVD Duplication for Promoting Marketing

Duplication of CD/DVD has become a major way of promoting marketing and has proven its effectiveness. This idea was derived from the movies which we see in theatres and become simple in CDs/DVDs. We watch and enjoy these movies at the comfort of our home in a more affordable price. From simple medium of entertainment, CDs/DVDs are now widely used to promote products and services because of their portability and the ability to duplicate them to a certain number and spread their contents. And of course, in any kind of entertainment there are both pros and cons or bad side and good side, and since entertainment has become a recipe for an effective marketing strategy, it’s now up to the people who have to decide.

Duplicating or multiplying the contents of CDs/DVDs can be a very easy process, duplicating softwares are scattered over the cyberspace and they are very easy to use, you just have to consume 5 minutes of your time to read the ‘help’ menu. But then, using CDs/DVDs might have issues about the quality and the audio or video contents they have inside. A minor scratch on the CD/DVD can ruin the whole content that’s why effective handling should also be in mind. Unlike brochures and ad flyers, where you will learn about the products or services in a glance, CDs/DVDs need a player to see what it is all about. Using effective labels that will introduce the products or services briefly and inviting enough so that the potential customer will be willing to get a player and watch the CD/DVD can resolve this issue.

Always remember that the first 7 seconds of the video content is critical. Unlike in movies where the audience has to spend about 2 hours to get the essence of the movie, in marketing it’s a different story. In a fast paced world where everybody is busy multitasking, the CD/DVD should start by communicating with the viewer by stating what it is all about and why the viewer should watch it ‘till the end. It should also be brief enough so that the viewer will not get bored watching the same messages over and over again. Without this aspect, duplicating your CD/DVD will be useless.

Duplication of CDs/DVDs may sound cheap but spend some time studying the cost of the discs, the hours it take for duplicating a certain number of copies and the manpower it requires. Having a systematic way of keeping track of the costs and benefits is very much important in marketing. Make sure that the copies of CD/DVD will not end up in the trash can without getting inside the video player first; if you compromise on the quality then you are wasting your time, money and effort.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Effective Ways of Optimizing Your Video Content For Marketing - SEO Tips

Search engines; Yahoo and Google have successfully established their place in the cyberspace. They now play a big role in making a web site searchable and popular. One word in the search bar equals to million of web sites. To resolve the issue of sites fighting over keywords, a solution floated on the surface - search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Another issue emerged when people began putting videos on their sites, Yahoo and Google might not see the contents of the videos but it doesn't mean that they can't crawl onto them. And who said that SEO is not for videos? Actually SEO is very effective on videos as it is effective on texts.

When Youtube reached its peak, it became a module not only for entertainment but also for business purposes. Youtube is often indexed and ranked by Yahoo and Google meaning videos from Youtube are most likely to appear on the first page of the result page that's why people are now taking advantage of its popularity to advertise their sites and their products. With over 80 million videos being watched and posted everyday on Youtube, videos sharing same keywords can not prevented that's why the use of SEO is critically needed. And if you're an on-line marketer, whether you're a rookie or a veteran, this issue might give you headaches but don't worry there is help to back you up.

In marketing competition is constant, creativity is the main equalizer and also the key to be successful. If you have videos that will help to introduce your products or services make a habit of uploading and sharing them to video sharing sites like Youtube along with Mega Videos, Daily Motion, Vimeo and Metacafe some of which are indexed and ranked by Yahoo and Google. Upload your videos to these several sites to increase the possibility of them being seen by the potential customers and also consider adding different descriptions or titles for each video sharing sites. Optimization comes into play when you’re giving your videos titles and description; this is the prime place where you could establish the keywords.

Always remember that in SEO, keyword is everything. Consider spending time on deciding on the best keywords that will make your videos float. I have seen promotional videos that have catchy labels like, "never before seen", "exclusive", "first time in the world". Labels like these can get more views and later update the title to more relevant and searchable. Use tags intelligently, a set of unique tags on all of your video content; this will enable people to see more of your videos rather then clicking the related tab.

Being viral is the name of the game. Millions of people watch videos on the internet everyday and with millions of videos scattered on the cyberspace not all of them go viral by accident, it takes a lot of perseverance but it is always possible. Spread your videos everywhere; post them on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Bebo. Encourage your friends to watch the videos and share them or email the videos to them and encourage your team to do the same. Search for blogs that will find your videos interesting, some blogs allow you to post videos on the comment section. Create forums that will discuss the contents of your videos, you can have several accounts and start a conversation. You can also do this on video sharing sites, create several accounts and comment to your own videos and have a conversation with yourself. These methods can be time consuming but they are very effective.

Once a potential customer clicked the link that will navigate to your web site, it's a good thing to provide a text version or video transcript. A summary or a short bullet point breakdown of the video content is very helpful for the customers. It may take time doing this but it's worth it. Also provide a call to action in the video so that potential customers can have a direct call to purchase your products or a simple encouragement to visit your site for further information.

Check your success; track your video content with a tool like Tubemogul. Also, keeping tabs on the number of comments, ratings and views will help you see the progress of your videos. Measuring the success of your videos will help you to determine what actions that should be done to resolve some issues about your video content.

Your videos should always be informative and good enough to promote your products or services effectively. Always take advantage of the technology and be creative in making videos. Make your videos informative and entertaining so that people that are only checking your videos will turn into customers instantly.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Create Effective CD And DVD Cover / Label Design

Label designs on the cover of CDs and DVDs contribute a big factor on making a CD or DVD attractive and interesting that's why effective ways of creating label designs should be critical especially for business or marketing purposes. A CD or DVD might hold information, collection of songs or movies and especially memorable moments in one's life like weddings, birthdays, reunions, baptisms, etc. Label designs serve as the face of the CD or DVD and create a lasting "impact" to the customer.

Effective label designs make the customer satisfied and can boost the reputation of the company or the maker. Although there are softwares that instantly create label designs, it's still important that you have guidelines to make your label designs more effective.

Here are some tips for creating label designs on over of CDs and DVDs:

1. Make use of appropriate color. Knowledge on color combinations will play a big part on making effective label designs. Use colors that will reflect what's inside the CD or DVD; one example is using bright colors for joyful occasions. Avoid using too much color on the designs so that they will not look too "messy".

2. Put the right graphics on the right place. Be very careful on putting graphics on the label designs. Too much graphics can ruined the cover that's why using simple graphics should always be in mind. It is practical to put the title on the center but if you want to put it on other place on the cover make sure that they are readable. If pictures are need to be on the cover, make sure that they are appropriate to what is inside the CD or DVD so that the customer can easily recognize a certain CD or DVD once they are in the disc shelf.

3. Consider the sizes. The size of a standard disc cover is about 4.74" in width and in height that will be the size you have to work on. Make sure that label designs will not be too crowded on the cover and also on the disc. The pictures should be whole and clear both on the cover and on the disc which measures 120 mm. in diameter. The title can be big enough to cover the top front but do not overdo it provide space for the pictures, texts and graphics.

4. Now, consider the shapes. The cover of the discs has square shape and the disc has a circle shape that's why isometric shapes are very effective on making label designs but it doesn't mean that you will stick to it. Be creative in using shapes that will be the foundation of the label designs, as long as they are coherent to each other they will be very attractive and of course, effective. Don't be afraid to experiment with the shapes to get a better appearance.

5. Be creative in using fonts. Times New Roman font is widely used because of its simplicity and formality but don't always stick on it in creating effective label designs. Use different kinds of fonts to make the label designs inviting. As long as they will not look "messy" together, using different font styles in label designs should also be considered.

6. Research and practice. Take advantage of the internet, search for label designs that are attractive at the same time effective. Try to learn new things everyday and practice what you've learned. Always seek advice from people that are knowledgeable of the industry. Experiment on new techniques; don't always rely on the label designs software.

Creating effective label designs and covers on CDs and DVDs costs a lot of time and perseverance but you should be very patient for there will be great rewards ahead.

Monday, June 8, 2009

An Effective On-line Marketing Strategy, Putting Vidoes On Your Site

Using videos on websites has opened a new bridge for easy access between internet shoppers and on-line marketers. This new trend has evolved from a form of entertainment to an effective on-line marketing strategy. And with the help of search engine optimization or SEO in hand; putting videos on sites has become a powerful tool to get customers worldwide.

You might be wondering about the reasons of using videos on websites. Well, here are the reasons why:

1. "To see is to believe." This one's an old quote and yet it's one way of describing the effectiveness of putting videos on web sites. Showing your products on-line is like saying "our products are perfectly real", this will convince the potential customers that you are sincere and eventually gain their trust. Always remember that visualization is very important in marketing, people don't need a whole page of promises, and they want to see the 'real thing'.

2. Customer support made easy. Always expect that customers will need help and/or ask about your products or your services. Some people don't have the patience of dialing the phone to contact you and ask for your help, they want an easier way instead. This can be fulfilled by putting tutorial videos on your site. With just one click on the play button, customers and potential customers will have their answer at their fingertips.

3. Putting videos means putting your sight in the lime light. Embed your videos through video sharing sites like Youtube. By doing this, there's a great chance that people around the world can get a glimpse of your videos, they can use your videos and eventually link back to your sight, making your web site more searchable and popular in the cyberspace.

4. Videos speak louder than texts. With so many things going on in the cyber space, people have no time to read bunches of texts in a single web page. Sending your message through videos is easy, faster and effective.

Take advantage of the technology and learn things that will benefit you and your customers. Putting videos on your websites is an easy and effective way of introducing your products. Just be creative and sincere.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chill Out Music And The Benefits It Has

With so many things need to be done everyday, it's no wonder that a lot of us finds it hard to relax. Reports have it that about 6 out of 10 people experience stress from their works in their everyday lives. Not a serious matter? Think again. Stress can lead to many harmful diseases. And the fact that you can't go on a vacation everyday, there's a way of fighting stress and you can have it in the comfort of your own seat, it's called music.

Music therapy is proven effective against almost all kinds of diseases including heart diseases and mental illness. We all know that music has a lot of genres that people listen to for entertainment and relaxation. But one certain genre stands out from the rest it is called chill out music.

From the word itself, chill out music's main purpose is to make you chill or relax. It's a combination of jazz and electronic music also known as techno. Chill out music is known to dance clubs where people go to relax, also known as chill rooms, and eventually became a household term. Chill out music introduced the "feel free to dance" ambience that benefits the listener.

Here are the benefits of Chill out music:

1. It relaxes your mind. With smooth tempo, deep bass lines, the sweet sound of the saxophone and the soothing notes of the guitar and keyboard, chill out music helps you extract all the uneasiness in your mind. While doing things that make your head hurt like working or studying, rest for 5 minutes, listen to a chill out song and stretch your mental muscles. And also you can listen to a chill out song while doing something, this can give you a better concentration.

2. It makes you more optimistic. It's common for a chill out song to have such sweet lyrics. Chill out songs have lyrics that offer a "good vibe" aura that will give you a "worry free" feeling. Some chill out song lyrics make you remember things from the past or the moments you treasure, the hometown you've left and the familiar faces you want to meet and also the dreams you want to achieve giving you a better outlook in life.

3. Saves you from stress. As I've said, it is proven that stress is one of the factors that generate such diseases that can harm your life. One way of extracting stress is through body motions. While doing something listen to a 10 minute chill out song that will make you dance. Working while dancing? Not a bad idea, right?

4. Helps you sleep. This is true to some people. A lot of people suffers from sleeping disorders that create discomfort. One way to solve this is by means of listening to music. Medical reports show that some people find it easy to fall sleep while listening to music specially slow music.

With the benefits of chill out music in you hand or rather in your ear, fighting stress is as easy as turning the radio on. And remember don't be afraid to dance with the music it's good for your health. So feel free to chill out and get rid of stress. Enjoy the benefits of chill out music.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere But No Job To Get

According to statistics about 14 million Filipinos are jobless. The government solution; lots of job fairs and promoting jobs abroad. Sounds great? Think again. i have gone through job fairs and I have experienced discrimination-I call it "Academical Discrimination". I'm a graduate of a vocational course but companies won't hire me for a simple reason; they need graduates of 4-year courses, I have nothing against these companies because I understand that they need the best for their companies but I do believe that not all of the best people are graduates of 4-year course.

One of my friend needed my help so that he can learn MS-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Access and so on. I taught him things I know and we applied together for the position of data encoder. Guess what? He was hired, I wasn't, he was a graduate of 4-year Management I'm a graduate of 2-year Computer Science, which of us is suitable for the job? If you will ask me-I don't know. I was happy for my friend and at the same time I pitied myself. I've searched the Internet, thousands maybe millions of jobs, but the qualifications are too high for my college accomplishments. I have met people graduates of 4-year Com. Sci. but don't like the programming jobs, if I were them I will pursue my course. This is where job mismatch comes into the scene, college graduates that have jobs far from their course. Where's the problem? I believe the problem is in our education system.

If there's an affordable university or college school, every Filipino can contribute to our economy. I have seen talents and skills in people that haven't experienced going to college. I know high school graduates that have faster typing speed than mine. My cousin was a consistent honor student in grade school and high school but wasn't able to step on any university ground. I know that somehow government officials are trying to support students like giving scholarships but this is not enough. I believe if there's a law that will allow all the Filipinos to finish college and if the universities and college schools will decrease their "monstrous" tuition fees then Filipinos will be able to build a better life and eventually escape poverty.

I am not in favor of the government promoting jobs abroad because it only cause damages to the families left by the OFWs. And also the government should prioritize the Philippines, our country needs a lot of manpower. If all of these 14 million Filipinos or every Filipino have jobs, imagine the growth in the economy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prepare for the Wrath of the Filipinos

When everybody was busy gossiping about the Hayden Kho scandals, our "beloved" congressmen were planning there next move to pass Charter Change, embrace yourselves-they are victorious.

Like I've said before I'm not in favor of creating a revolution against the government but I will not be surprised if Filipino people will violently react about what happened two nights ago. This is now a really really serious matter all I can say to the congressmen that is in favor of ChaCha; "Prepare for the wrath of the Filipinos".

Yesterday they have approved the CARP extension but it was far from what the farmers, who walked thousand miles from their homes, want. I really don't know what in the minds of these congressmen, they should represent the people but they are becoming more of the enemies of the Filipinos. That's why I could not blame my countrymen if they will express themselves on the streets or the worst there could be another People Power.