Friday, June 5, 2009

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere But No Job To Get

According to statistics about 14 million Filipinos are jobless. The government solution; lots of job fairs and promoting jobs abroad. Sounds great? Think again. i have gone through job fairs and I have experienced discrimination-I call it "Academical Discrimination". I'm a graduate of a vocational course but companies won't hire me for a simple reason; they need graduates of 4-year courses, I have nothing against these companies because I understand that they need the best for their companies but I do believe that not all of the best people are graduates of 4-year course.

One of my friend needed my help so that he can learn MS-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Access and so on. I taught him things I know and we applied together for the position of data encoder. Guess what? He was hired, I wasn't, he was a graduate of 4-year Management I'm a graduate of 2-year Computer Science, which of us is suitable for the job? If you will ask me-I don't know. I was happy for my friend and at the same time I pitied myself. I've searched the Internet, thousands maybe millions of jobs, but the qualifications are too high for my college accomplishments. I have met people graduates of 4-year Com. Sci. but don't like the programming jobs, if I were them I will pursue my course. This is where job mismatch comes into the scene, college graduates that have jobs far from their course. Where's the problem? I believe the problem is in our education system.

If there's an affordable university or college school, every Filipino can contribute to our economy. I have seen talents and skills in people that haven't experienced going to college. I know high school graduates that have faster typing speed than mine. My cousin was a consistent honor student in grade school and high school but wasn't able to step on any university ground. I know that somehow government officials are trying to support students like giving scholarships but this is not enough. I believe if there's a law that will allow all the Filipinos to finish college and if the universities and college schools will decrease their "monstrous" tuition fees then Filipinos will be able to build a better life and eventually escape poverty.

I am not in favor of the government promoting jobs abroad because it only cause damages to the families left by the OFWs. And also the government should prioritize the Philippines, our country needs a lot of manpower. If all of these 14 million Filipinos or every Filipino have jobs, imagine the growth in the economy.

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