Thursday, July 30, 2009

How To Rewrite An Article To An Effective SEO Article

I'm a writer for more than a decade. When I found out about SEO articles I thought it would be easy for me - I was wrong.

It was until I met Joan Melero that I've learned how to write effective SEO articles.

Here is my article, it's kinda long but you don't need to read it, it's just an example:

Alternative Nursing Jobs

Being a nurse is a life fulfilling job; imagine how many lives a nurse will save in his/her time of service. The doctor gives medical attention to patients but nurses do beyond that, nurses don’t only give medical assistance to patients they also give emotional and sometimes spiritual support for the patients and it takes a lot of love and passion to do that. But what if a nurse doesn’t want to be the doctor’s assistant anymore? Are there alternative nursing jobs a nurse can choose from? The answer is yes, in fact, the list is long for alternative nursing jobs that are in demand around the globe.

As the world revolves and changes with the amazing progression of technology, the aid of nurses is not only intended for hospitals. There are establishments like schools, offices and homes that also need the expertise of nurses. And if you’re a nurse and wants to shift from working in hospital, then it’s time to evaluate your skills and decide where you really want to work.

If you’re a nurse and you want to work in an office, you can be a legal nurse consultant or if you like working at home, then, you cam choose from home care nursing jobs like being a private nurse. If you love taking care of children, there are a lot of pediatric nursing jobs that are perfect for you or if you like taking care of children at the same time you want to work at school, then, choosing from a list of nursery nursing jobs will back you up. And if you consider working while traveling, there are nursing travel jobs you can choose from. Once done with the evaluations and decision makings, the next step would be finding that dream job. And if you find it difficult searching for alternative nursing jobs, then, you might need a helping hand from a nursing agency.

Paying a visit to a nurse agency is an important thing to do especially if you’re already stressed up finding alternative nursing jobs outside the hospital. Nursing agencies can provide you list of different job openings they have under medical industry and you will be surprised how vast jobs you can have after checking the qualifications and other requirements.

If you don’t have time visit a nurse agency don’t worry, the World Wide Web has nurse web sites you can navigate with your fingertips. You can use the net to search for nurse agencies and contact them online. You can also navigate the net to find the complete list of alternative nursing jobs.

You can also attend nursing job fairs to increase the chance of finding which of the alternative nursing jobs is right for you considering they have a lot of choices to begin with. You can also be hired on the spot and work immediately by attending these nursing job fairs.

The role of a nurse takes a lot of passion to fulfill and this passion can be practiced not only in hospitals. There’s a wide choices of different paths you can choose from; telecommuting nursing career, nurse contractor, homecare nursing jobs… seems too many to choose from? Well, they are just few of what you can have outside the traditional nursing work. And if you’re thinking that someday hospitals might be empty with nurses, don’t worry there are still nurses who prefer working in hospitals.

This can be considered as a feature article, it might be considered as a quality article but it's not very effective to the visitor's eyes because it's lengthy and most internet user don't have time to read the whole article.

I submitted this article to Joan Melero (my mentor) and it turned into this:

The list is long for alternative nursing jobs that are in demand around the globe.

You and I know doctors give medical attention to patients, but nurses do beyond that: nurses don’t only give medical assistance to patients; they also give emotional and spiritual support. And let’s face it, it that takes a lot of love and compassion to do that. Just imagine how many lives you as a nurse will save in your time of service.

But what if you don’t want to be the doctor’s assistant anymore?

Are there alternative nursing jobs you can choose from? The answer is a resounding YES!

The world is changing and our needs are changing. Nurses are no longer kept within the confines of a hospital. Establishments like schools, offices, and homes are now great possibilities that also need the expertise of nurses.

If you’re a nurse who wants to shift from working in the hospital, then it’s time to evaluate your skills and decide where you want to work.

Are you interested in working in an office setting? Then, becoming a legal nurse consultant might interest you; or, if you like working at home, then, you can choose from home care nursing jobs or become a private nurse.

If you love taking care of children, pediatric nursing jobs may sound appealing to you. And you can choose from a list of nursery nursing jobs as well.

How would you like to travel while working? Yes, that’s right! Travel the world and work at the same time. Then pick some exciting places to see and take up one of the hot nursing travel jobs available to you.

Once you have decided which path to take, your next step would be find out if you have all the credentials required to land that dream job. Click here for more info…

And don’t worry, if you find it difficult searching for alternative nursing jobs, then, you might sign up with nursing agency. A visit to a nurse agency might just be the thing to do. A word of caution: It is very important to find a reputable one.

These agencies can provide you a list of different job openings. Your qualifications will be match with the needed requirements. You will be surprised at how many nursing job vacancies remain unfilled.

Use the net to your advantage, search for nurse agencies. You have the world at your fingertips!

Your role as a nurse is a fulfilling one. Many practice in hospitals and many choose different paths: telecommuting nursing career, nurse contractor, and homecare nursing jobs… seems too many to choose from.

See the difference?

The article turned into an easy-to-read SEO article. The keywords and the sub keywords are not compromised and the quality is still there.

Whether you're a newbie or a veteran writer and you want to put your place in the cyberworld, SEO writing is perfect for you.

The first step is to adjust a little with your writing style and take advantage of the net to learn more.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

UFC 100: A Night of History, A Night of Disgrace.

The Mandalay Bay was filled with boos from the audience when Brock Lesnar pulled out his two middle fingers resulting to the disgrace of the MMA fans.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar remains the champion after punishing Frank Mir at the 2nd round.Mir made a big mistake by sending a flying knee to Lesnar's face sending hi to the mat enabling Lesnar on top of him just like in the first round. Herb Dean gave Mir plenty of chances to intelligently defend himself but Lesnar's ferocious fists landed on Mir's head uncountable times forcing Dean to stop the fight.

Lesnar's victory was not the story of the night, it was his attitude. He gave a couple of dirty fingers to the audience that upset Mir forcing him to stand up and confront Lesnar. Undeniably, Lesnar brought his WWE attitude inside the octagon that also upset Dana White. The enormous boos from the audience and probably the ones watching at home didn't stop Lesnar's mouth, during the interview with Joe Rogan, Lesnar made a sharp statement against Bud Light, saying that he would drink Coors Light because Bud Light is not paying him. Another is when he said that he would be on top of his wife that night.

Personally, I didn't like Lesnar's behavior, that was not the attitude of a true champion. If he will do that again, he better go back to WWE.

Brock Lesnar retained the Heavyweight belt and created a bad boy image making MMA fans searching for a possible contender. Shane Carwin, Cain Velasquez are on the list including Affliction Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko that is said to be entering the octagon later this year.

The co-main event was an astonishing sight, Thiago "Pitbul" Alves came out to be the bigger guy but the UFC Welterweight Champion George "Rush" St-Pierre was able to take him down everytime he wants throughout the entire match resulting to unanimous decision and retaining his belt. Alves ended up with a bloodied face but was still able to raise GSP's hand and show sportsmanship.

UFC fans want to see GSP facing UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva in the future but as GSP said; he looks too small for a welterweight, that statement will explain it all but in UFC, anything can happen.

After a season of trash talking, Michael "The Count" Bisping's mouth was shut up by Dan Henderson's right fist sending him cold to the canvass just like what happened to his fellow Brit Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton in his fight with Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao without the follow up punch on Bisping's already unconscious face. "That one was to shut him up a bit," Henderson said.

While watching the show, I didn't understand why Bisping was circling Henderson's obvious right fist. Maybe he panicked a bit and didn't see the right fist coming right at his face.

Henderson is eager to face Silva for the second time. Henderson can do that as long as he will keep his KO power in his fist but one problem with his style is; you could see the right fist over a mile away.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye and Thank You, Jacko

At the age of 11, Michael Jackson rocked the world at an early age. Who would have thought that his death will be so sudden?

Before the final curtain, MJ passed away at the age of 50.

The boy from Gary, Indiana left but his legend lives on.

He might changed his color but it doesn’t matter if he’s black or white what matter most is how he made us feel and how he rocked our world.

MJ was accused of many things but he faced them all even if he has to wear a mask. The world was too harsh on him that’s why maybe, just maybe, he left us without a single clue.

I have known MJ’s songs since I was a child and I could say that somehow he influenced me as a musician.

Deep from my heart, I want to say thank you Michael for the music you left us. My children may not see you perform brilliantly live on stage but your music will tell everything.

Goodbye and thank you, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Youtube and Video Marketing.

The most ‘in’ thing in the field of entertainment is navigating to Youtube and video marketing has marketing has successfully made its way to on-line viewers around the world. Gone are the days where people used to hop from one place to another in search of information, thanks to the fast progression of technology and the advancement in the field of computer. And after the emergence of internet, all the info is just a click away. Sounds great for information seekers and also for marketers.

Youtube stores enormous information ranging from education to cinema and we also get to see live videos promoting products and services for certain fields. Taking advantage of this site for marketing purposes is very effective knowing that over 80 million videos are being posted and watched by people around the world. Putting your videos on Youtube is free and can boost the popularity of your videos especially if they hold information about your products and services.

Marketing on Youtube is a very effective way of introducing your products or services to the world. This process gives viral marketing a whole new meaning. Social networks also refer to Youtube that’s why brand awareness is not a problem, this means increase in sales in a short period of time. People visit Youtube for entertainment but a large percentage of these people visit Youtube to find certain products or services that will fit their need.

In Youtube, spreading your marketing videos is never an issue. People can refer to your videos via blogs, forums and social networks. It can also be regarded as a combination of free advertising and a cost cutting method. It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone as they say.

And what I like from Youtube is you can learn a lot of things with the site. If you have no idea on what and how will you create your marketing videos then navigate Youtube to find videos that will give you an idea. Tutorials and tips has a large amount of number in Youtube’s database, and I mean a lot. Theses tutorials can give you insight about the new trends in marketing today and you can also contact the owner of the video and eventually chat with him through Yahoo Messenger or Skype. These tutorials are also brief yet helpful and you can find videos that are related to a certain business. Having business partners and sponsors through Youtube? Not impossible, right?

With competition always constant in marketing, being abreast of the latest trends should always be in mind. Remember to take advantage of the fast progressing technology; the information is at the tips of your fingers don’t let technology leave you behind. And always learn new things everyday.

Do you need online video promotion or video marketing?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Using CD/DVD Duplication for Promoting Marketing

Duplication of CD/DVD has become a major way of promoting marketing and has proven its effectiveness. This idea was derived from the movies which we see in theatres and become simple in CDs/DVDs. We watch and enjoy these movies at the comfort of our home in a more affordable price. From simple medium of entertainment, CDs/DVDs are now widely used to promote products and services because of their portability and the ability to duplicate them to a certain number and spread their contents. And of course, in any kind of entertainment there are both pros and cons or bad side and good side, and since entertainment has become a recipe for an effective marketing strategy, it’s now up to the people who have to decide.

Duplicating or multiplying the contents of CDs/DVDs can be a very easy process, duplicating softwares are scattered over the cyberspace and they are very easy to use, you just have to consume 5 minutes of your time to read the ‘help’ menu. But then, using CDs/DVDs might have issues about the quality and the audio or video contents they have inside. A minor scratch on the CD/DVD can ruin the whole content that’s why effective handling should also be in mind. Unlike brochures and ad flyers, where you will learn about the products or services in a glance, CDs/DVDs need a player to see what it is all about. Using effective labels that will introduce the products or services briefly and inviting enough so that the potential customer will be willing to get a player and watch the CD/DVD can resolve this issue.

Always remember that the first 7 seconds of the video content is critical. Unlike in movies where the audience has to spend about 2 hours to get the essence of the movie, in marketing it’s a different story. In a fast paced world where everybody is busy multitasking, the CD/DVD should start by communicating with the viewer by stating what it is all about and why the viewer should watch it ‘till the end. It should also be brief enough so that the viewer will not get bored watching the same messages over and over again. Without this aspect, duplicating your CD/DVD will be useless.

Duplication of CDs/DVDs may sound cheap but spend some time studying the cost of the discs, the hours it take for duplicating a certain number of copies and the manpower it requires. Having a systematic way of keeping track of the costs and benefits is very much important in marketing. Make sure that the copies of CD/DVD will not end up in the trash can without getting inside the video player first; if you compromise on the quality then you are wasting your time, money and effort.

Do you need onlide video promotion or video marketing?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Effective Ways of Optimizing Your Video Content For Marketing - SEO Tips

Search engines; Yahoo and Google have successfully established their place in the cyberspace. They now play a big role in making a web site searchable and popular. One word in the search bar equals to million of web sites. To resolve the issue of sites fighting over keywords, a solution floated on the surface - search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Another issue emerged when people began putting videos on their sites, Yahoo and Google might not see the contents of the videos but it doesn't mean that they can't crawl onto them. And who said that SEO is not for videos? Actually SEO is very effective on videos as it is effective on texts.

When Youtube reached its peak, it became a module not only for entertainment but also for business purposes. Youtube is often indexed and ranked by Yahoo and Google meaning videos from Youtube are most likely to appear on the first page of the result page that's why people are now taking advantage of its popularity to advertise their sites and their products. With over 80 million videos being watched and posted everyday on Youtube, videos sharing same keywords can not prevented that's why the use of SEO is critically needed. And if you're an on-line marketer, whether you're a rookie or a veteran, this issue might give you headaches but don't worry there is help to back you up.

In marketing competition is constant, creativity is the main equalizer and also the key to be successful. If you have videos that will help to introduce your products or services make a habit of uploading and sharing them to video sharing sites like Youtube along with Mega Videos, Daily Motion, Vimeo and Metacafe some of which are indexed and ranked by Yahoo and Google. Upload your videos to these several sites to increase the possibility of them being seen by the potential customers and also consider adding different descriptions or titles for each video sharing sites. Optimization comes into play when you’re giving your videos titles and description; this is the prime place where you could establish the keywords.

Always remember that in SEO, keyword is everything. Consider spending time on deciding on the best keywords that will make your videos float. I have seen promotional videos that have catchy labels like, "never before seen", "exclusive", "first time in the world". Labels like these can get more views and later update the title to more relevant and searchable. Use tags intelligently, a set of unique tags on all of your video content; this will enable people to see more of your videos rather then clicking the related tab.

Being viral is the name of the game. Millions of people watch videos on the internet everyday and with millions of videos scattered on the cyberspace not all of them go viral by accident, it takes a lot of perseverance but it is always possible. Spread your videos everywhere; post them on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Bebo. Encourage your friends to watch the videos and share them or email the videos to them and encourage your team to do the same. Search for blogs that will find your videos interesting, some blogs allow you to post videos on the comment section. Create forums that will discuss the contents of your videos, you can have several accounts and start a conversation. You can also do this on video sharing sites, create several accounts and comment to your own videos and have a conversation with yourself. These methods can be time consuming but they are very effective.

Once a potential customer clicked the link that will navigate to your web site, it's a good thing to provide a text version or video transcript. A summary or a short bullet point breakdown of the video content is very helpful for the customers. It may take time doing this but it's worth it. Also provide a call to action in the video so that potential customers can have a direct call to purchase your products or a simple encouragement to visit your site for further information.

Check your success; track your video content with a tool like Tubemogul. Also, keeping tabs on the number of comments, ratings and views will help you see the progress of your videos. Measuring the success of your videos will help you to determine what actions that should be done to resolve some issues about your video content.

Your videos should always be informative and good enough to promote your products or services effectively. Always take advantage of the technology and be creative in making videos. Make your videos informative and entertaining so that people that are only checking your videos will turn into customers instantly.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Create Effective CD And DVD Cover / Label Design

Label designs on the cover of CDs and DVDs contribute a big factor on making a CD or DVD attractive and interesting that's why effective ways of creating label designs should be critical especially for business or marketing purposes. A CD or DVD might hold information, collection of songs or movies and especially memorable moments in one's life like weddings, birthdays, reunions, baptisms, etc. Label designs serve as the face of the CD or DVD and create a lasting "impact" to the customer.

Effective label designs make the customer satisfied and can boost the reputation of the company or the maker. Although there are softwares that instantly create label designs, it's still important that you have guidelines to make your label designs more effective.

Here are some tips for creating label designs on over of CDs and DVDs:

1. Make use of appropriate color. Knowledge on color combinations will play a big part on making effective label designs. Use colors that will reflect what's inside the CD or DVD; one example is using bright colors for joyful occasions. Avoid using too much color on the designs so that they will not look too "messy".

2. Put the right graphics on the right place. Be very careful on putting graphics on the label designs. Too much graphics can ruined the cover that's why using simple graphics should always be in mind. It is practical to put the title on the center but if you want to put it on other place on the cover make sure that they are readable. If pictures are need to be on the cover, make sure that they are appropriate to what is inside the CD or DVD so that the customer can easily recognize a certain CD or DVD once they are in the disc shelf.

3. Consider the sizes. The size of a standard disc cover is about 4.74" in width and in height that will be the size you have to work on. Make sure that label designs will not be too crowded on the cover and also on the disc. The pictures should be whole and clear both on the cover and on the disc which measures 120 mm. in diameter. The title can be big enough to cover the top front but do not overdo it provide space for the pictures, texts and graphics.

4. Now, consider the shapes. The cover of the discs has square shape and the disc has a circle shape that's why isometric shapes are very effective on making label designs but it doesn't mean that you will stick to it. Be creative in using shapes that will be the foundation of the label designs, as long as they are coherent to each other they will be very attractive and of course, effective. Don't be afraid to experiment with the shapes to get a better appearance.

5. Be creative in using fonts. Times New Roman font is widely used because of its simplicity and formality but don't always stick on it in creating effective label designs. Use different kinds of fonts to make the label designs inviting. As long as they will not look "messy" together, using different font styles in label designs should also be considered.

6. Research and practice. Take advantage of the internet, search for label designs that are attractive at the same time effective. Try to learn new things everyday and practice what you've learned. Always seek advice from people that are knowledgeable of the industry. Experiment on new techniques; don't always rely on the label designs software.

Creating effective label designs and covers on CDs and DVDs costs a lot of time and perseverance but you should be very patient for there will be great rewards ahead.

Monday, June 8, 2009

An Effective On-line Marketing Strategy, Putting Vidoes On Your Site

Using videos on websites has opened a new bridge for easy access between internet shoppers and on-line marketers. This new trend has evolved from a form of entertainment to an effective on-line marketing strategy. And with the help of search engine optimization or SEO in hand; putting videos on sites has become a powerful tool to get customers worldwide.

You might be wondering about the reasons of using videos on websites. Well, here are the reasons why:

1. "To see is to believe." This one's an old quote and yet it's one way of describing the effectiveness of putting videos on web sites. Showing your products on-line is like saying "our products are perfectly real", this will convince the potential customers that you are sincere and eventually gain their trust. Always remember that visualization is very important in marketing, people don't need a whole page of promises, and they want to see the 'real thing'.

2. Customer support made easy. Always expect that customers will need help and/or ask about your products or your services. Some people don't have the patience of dialing the phone to contact you and ask for your help, they want an easier way instead. This can be fulfilled by putting tutorial videos on your site. With just one click on the play button, customers and potential customers will have their answer at their fingertips.

3. Putting videos means putting your sight in the lime light. Embed your videos through video sharing sites like Youtube. By doing this, there's a great chance that people around the world can get a glimpse of your videos, they can use your videos and eventually link back to your sight, making your web site more searchable and popular in the cyberspace.

4. Videos speak louder than texts. With so many things going on in the cyber space, people have no time to read bunches of texts in a single web page. Sending your message through videos is easy, faster and effective.

Take advantage of the technology and learn things that will benefit you and your customers. Putting videos on your websites is an easy and effective way of introducing your products. Just be creative and sincere.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chill Out Music And The Benefits It Has

With so many things need to be done everyday, it's no wonder that a lot of us finds it hard to relax. Reports have it that about 6 out of 10 people experience stress from their works in their everyday lives. Not a serious matter? Think again. Stress can lead to many harmful diseases. And the fact that you can't go on a vacation everyday, there's a way of fighting stress and you can have it in the comfort of your own seat, it's called music.

Music therapy is proven effective against almost all kinds of diseases including heart diseases and mental illness. We all know that music has a lot of genres that people listen to for entertainment and relaxation. But one certain genre stands out from the rest it is called chill out music.

From the word itself, chill out music's main purpose is to make you chill or relax. It's a combination of jazz and electronic music also known as techno. Chill out music is known to dance clubs where people go to relax, also known as chill rooms, and eventually became a household term. Chill out music introduced the "feel free to dance" ambience that benefits the listener.

Here are the benefits of Chill out music:

1. It relaxes your mind. With smooth tempo, deep bass lines, the sweet sound of the saxophone and the soothing notes of the guitar and keyboard, chill out music helps you extract all the uneasiness in your mind. While doing things that make your head hurt like working or studying, rest for 5 minutes, listen to a chill out song and stretch your mental muscles. And also you can listen to a chill out song while doing something, this can give you a better concentration.

2. It makes you more optimistic. It's common for a chill out song to have such sweet lyrics. Chill out songs have lyrics that offer a "good vibe" aura that will give you a "worry free" feeling. Some chill out song lyrics make you remember things from the past or the moments you treasure, the hometown you've left and the familiar faces you want to meet and also the dreams you want to achieve giving you a better outlook in life.

3. Saves you from stress. As I've said, it is proven that stress is one of the factors that generate such diseases that can harm your life. One way of extracting stress is through body motions. While doing something listen to a 10 minute chill out song that will make you dance. Working while dancing? Not a bad idea, right?

4. Helps you sleep. This is true to some people. A lot of people suffers from sleeping disorders that create discomfort. One way to solve this is by means of listening to music. Medical reports show that some people find it easy to fall sleep while listening to music specially slow music.

With the benefits of chill out music in you hand or rather in your ear, fighting stress is as easy as turning the radio on. And remember don't be afraid to dance with the music it's good for your health. So feel free to chill out and get rid of stress. Enjoy the benefits of chill out music.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere But No Job To Get

According to statistics about 14 million Filipinos are jobless. The government solution; lots of job fairs and promoting jobs abroad. Sounds great? Think again. i have gone through job fairs and I have experienced discrimination-I call it "Academical Discrimination". I'm a graduate of a vocational course but companies won't hire me for a simple reason; they need graduates of 4-year courses, I have nothing against these companies because I understand that they need the best for their companies but I do believe that not all of the best people are graduates of 4-year course.

One of my friend needed my help so that he can learn MS-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Access and so on. I taught him things I know and we applied together for the position of data encoder. Guess what? He was hired, I wasn't, he was a graduate of 4-year Management I'm a graduate of 2-year Computer Science, which of us is suitable for the job? If you will ask me-I don't know. I was happy for my friend and at the same time I pitied myself. I've searched the Internet, thousands maybe millions of jobs, but the qualifications are too high for my college accomplishments. I have met people graduates of 4-year Com. Sci. but don't like the programming jobs, if I were them I will pursue my course. This is where job mismatch comes into the scene, college graduates that have jobs far from their course. Where's the problem? I believe the problem is in our education system.

If there's an affordable university or college school, every Filipino can contribute to our economy. I have seen talents and skills in people that haven't experienced going to college. I know high school graduates that have faster typing speed than mine. My cousin was a consistent honor student in grade school and high school but wasn't able to step on any university ground. I know that somehow government officials are trying to support students like giving scholarships but this is not enough. I believe if there's a law that will allow all the Filipinos to finish college and if the universities and college schools will decrease their "monstrous" tuition fees then Filipinos will be able to build a better life and eventually escape poverty.

I am not in favor of the government promoting jobs abroad because it only cause damages to the families left by the OFWs. And also the government should prioritize the Philippines, our country needs a lot of manpower. If all of these 14 million Filipinos or every Filipino have jobs, imagine the growth in the economy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prepare for the Wrath of the Filipinos

When everybody was busy gossiping about the Hayden Kho scandals, our "beloved" congressmen were planning there next move to pass Charter Change, embrace yourselves-they are victorious.

Like I've said before I'm not in favor of creating a revolution against the government but I will not be surprised if Filipino people will violently react about what happened two nights ago. This is now a really really serious matter all I can say to the congressmen that is in favor of ChaCha; "Prepare for the wrath of the Filipinos".

Yesterday they have approved the CARP extension but it was far from what the farmers, who walked thousand miles from their homes, want. I really don't know what in the minds of these congressmen, they should represent the people but they are becoming more of the enemies of the Filipinos. That's why I could not blame my countrymen if they will express themselves on the streets or the worst there could be another People Power.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The "Lazy Strings" Story

Wednesday night when my long time friend Don texted me to play guitars for the band. After 4 years we will be reunited to play for a band, we will join a battle of the bands for the theme song of Manila Ocean Park. Ramon, our guitar player in highschool, will now play the drums and Don, the vocals, will play the acoustic guitar, and I will play the electric. 9 a.m. the following day we arrived at Janmiel's house, a talented guy who will play the keyboards and composed the song. He will be the new addition or perhaps we are the addition to their long time band-Ramon and Janmiel are long time friends. And, I almost forgot, the bassist-Nash a really talented bassist, he was quite at first and he was late but I felt the skill flowing all around him just waiting to come out. Unfortunately, we were practicing for a theme song not a heavy metals kickass song. After 4 years the 3 of us were united again to play for a band, and this could be the last.

As I said, the bassist was late so we have no time to practice any longer so Janmiel decided to focus on Nash. After eating our meal we practiced altogether it was amazing, two talented people playing with us, it was the best feeling. Around 2 p.m. we rushed because Janmiel's car was color coded and we might end up begging for the license. On the way, we joked a lot about things that could happen, it was one of the best experience I've been through. Inside the car I made up the band name-Lazy Strings, I came up with the name because we formed the band less than a day, I was lazy at first to come and again the bassist was late,that's why i came up with "Lazy" and "Strings" refers to the instruments. Along the Quiapo the expected happened-a police took a sight of the car's plate number, we were caught red handed. After some moments of explanation we were on the road again barely knowing the direction, I have gone to Manila Ocean Park but I'm not familiar of the place. Fortunately, after some discussions and risky turns we found the place where we will explode our musical extremities or in layman's term, the battle of the bands venue. We entered the place and found the area where the sound was coming from. At first, we were wondering why the bands were playing loud tones knowing that the battle was supposed to be a "Manila Ocean Park theme song contest", I was smiling secretly every time I think that the bands made a mistake or maybe. We signed the application form, we were number 29 the last in the list, we thought it was ok because when it's our turn it will be a lesser pressure so we decided to just relax and catch a view of the Manila Bay.

Nash, our talented bassist, has a problem with his nerves. He had panic attacks before because of the pressure the nursing board review had brought him. He was quietly watching every band that would come up the stage while I'm secretly eliminating them one by one according to the rules, it was making me think that our band might get to the finals. We were joking about the possibility that Nash might get panic attack at that very moment but I saw his medicines and convinced myself that nothing will go wrong.

After almost 4 hours of wait, it's our band's turn to rock the house. After some sincere prayers we hit the stage with excitement and with only few watching us. We were ready to explode when we found about that some of our instruments won't work. The cables were awful, the keyboards were not working and the technical assistants were barely doing something. Janmiel decided to play without the keyboard because of the absence of the adaptor but I didn't agree. 15 minutes that supposed to be 5 minutes of sound check, Janmiel got off the stage and found an adaptor hiding behind the idle technicians, at last we will be able to play. We have played the song despite the instruments not sounding properly, we gave our best despite the technical problems. After our act we have realized our mistakes and just laugh about it, it was one of the happiest moment of my life.

We went home and after a couple of losing the direction again we were able to find the right road. We didn't know if we will pass or not but we were happy. How I wish we will jam together again, I have to buy an electric guitar as soon as possible so that I could practice and jam with them. I will try the best I can do to be good at playing the guitar like how they play there instruments, and in that time I will be more than happy to join their band.

Monday, May 25, 2009

UFC 98: Welcome to the Machida Era

“Karate is back!” this was the sweet victory words of Lyoto “the Dragon” Machida after knocking down “Sugar” Rashad Evans making him the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. With his elusive karate style he managed to throw ferocious combinations that landed on Evans’ jaw, he was caught first by a right hook followed by series of deadly combinations making Evans throwing punches instinctively and eventually knocked him down at 1:37 of the second round. It was the first time I saw Machida being the aggressor at the 1st round and I thought that could be his downfall but he caught Evans by a quick right straight he was rocked but recovered until the end of the first round. Evans managed to throw punches but Machida was not an easy target. Machida might be an elusive fighter but every punch he throws is precise and accurate making him a really unique fighter. As for Evans, it’s back to the drawing board but I still hope I will see him inside the octagon. I didn’t like the disrespect he showed Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell at least for now, he heave learned his lessons.

The grudge match between the two Matts was ended by a hug at the end 3 rounds. Matt Hughes won the fight but I believe that Matt “The Terror” Serra should have won the match for a lot of reasons; one is Hughes wasn’t able to go ground and pound Serra, he was on top of him so many times doing nothing, he threw body punches but Serra could take all of them he even tried to choke Serra but it didn’t wok, Serra was small for Hughes and yet he wasn’t able to capitalize. Serra rocked Hughes at the first round, they thought it was a head butt but why Serra felt nothing?. My heart was pounding while I was watching the fight, it was an amazing fight I'm a fan of both guys but i believe that Serra should have won the fight and I'm also impressed by their sportsmanship. They have ended their bad blood but i'm still hoping for part 2.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

UFC 98: Machida vs. Evans, Serra vs. Hughes

On May 23 MGM Grand will be again filled with excited MMA fans as two undefeated UFC fighters; Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida will collide against the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion "Sugar" Rashad Evans inside the dreaded octagon for the UFC Light Heavyweight championship. Also, bitter rivals in the welterweight division; Matt "The Terror" Serra and Matt Hughes will show their furies after a long wait. This will be one of the greatest UFC events, all fighters have proven their skills inside the octagon. 2 undefeated fighters, 2 rivals, 1 night of action. UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida.

Let's take a look first at the rivals of two Matts. Matt Hughes has dominated the welterweight division when he slammed Carlos Newton unconscious to the canvas making him the UFC Welterweight Champion at UFC 34: High Voltage. He defended the title five times until his lost to B.J. Penn then snatched it again from George St. Pierre and defended again from Frank Trigg and he avenged his lost to B.J. Penn. Matt Hughes has the combination of both striking power and ground techniques, 18 of his 43MMA fights he won by submission while 13 are due to strike. He loves to slam his opponents hard to the ground. I have watched some of his fights and I could see that conditioning problems caused him to get tired early in his fights making him frustrated and later on lost, we will see if his conditioning have improved once he face Matt Serra. On the other hand Matt "The Terror" Serra, probably the shortest welterweight-stands 5'6", have shocked the world when he defeated George "Rush" St. Pierre at the very first round making him the underdog that became the UFC Welterweight Champion. Despite his 68" reach, he can throw powerful elbows that have contributed to St. Pierre's loss. Serra coming from a long recovery due to back injury, have unintentionally avoided a fight against Hughes and have proven that he has submission skills and powerful hands. With only 9 MMA fights, 4 by submission and 1 K.O., he has a lot to prove against the veteran Hughes. I think his weakness is overconfident, this is evident when he faced St. Pierre for the second time and lost via T.K.O. and regaining the Welterweight title. This time we will see if Serra will use his ferocious elbows or take his rival to the ground.

Their rivalry began at the UFC reality show; The Ultimate Fighter 6 where they became coaches of opposing teams, the fight would have eventually lead them to a match in UFC 79 along with The Ultimate Fighter 6 finale but due to back injury, Serra was not able to face Hughes. But the real issue was in The Ultimate Fighter 6 itself, Serra's team dominated the fights with 6-2 in the first weeks but Team Hughes came back form behind when all Team Serra fighters were all defeated leading both fighters of Team Hughes to the Finale. I have watched the show and Matt Serra really entertained me by his great coaching abilities and also his sharp words to Matt Hughes like "What a dick!" and "6 consecutive lost, ouch!”, making Matt Hughes hungry for a fight. This is a war between a veteran and an upcoming MMA superstar. This is a “make or break” fight for Serra and could be Hughes' last.

And in the main event, the battle of two undefeated fighters for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Beacuse of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's jaw injury, the 14-0 Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida will face "Sugar" Rashad Evans. Machida have gone through a lot of MMA events and came out undefeated, and when he debuted in the UFC his first 4 fights he won by unanimous decision making the UFC fans doubtful about what he can do inside the octagon, until he choked Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and knocked down Thiago Silva. His elusive fighting style made Tito Ortiz frustrated and later on won via decision, making him noted as the future of UFC Light Heavyweight. After a lot of wins via decision we will see what Machida's elusive Shotokan Karate influenced style will do against the heavy hand of Evans.

Evans debuted as a heavyweight in The Ultimate Fighter, have knocked out the legendary Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and snatched the UFC Light heavyweight title from Forrest Griffin. I have watched his fights and he takes his fights standing most of the time. Despite his striking power, he is also a submission specialist making him an unpredictable fighter. He will put both his 14-0 record and his title against Machida. Although somehow their fighting styles are opposites, I still think that the two are a perfect match not only because of their perfect records but also because of their talents both striking and ground and pound. It will be a great fight MMA fans should not miss. A fight of two undefeated and skillful fighters, somebody's 0 must go.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to Write a Business News Article

First thing to do on writing a business article is to find a certain topic for example is the team up between UAE and European companies on exporting gas from Iraq and then gather the facts that are necessary to create an informative article. That is the general idea - to inform about the team up between the companies and the key idea is what is the impact of this team up to the business world.

Once we are ready with all the necessary facts we have to think of a title, you can either do this before or after writing the article, just always remember that the title should be in present tense. Example: UAE companies team up with European companies to export Iraq gas.

Now let's go to the first paragraph. The first paragraph is called the lead. The lead should answer the 5 w's and 1 h-who,what,when,where,why and how, it is not necessary to answer all of these in the lead but who and what should be always included in the lead. This is very important because you want the news article to be straight to the point. This is where the facts come into place. Remember that the lead should be a one sentence paragraph; you might be thinking that it's a long one sentence-yes it is. Example: Two energy companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates announced there partnership with Austria's OMV and Hungary's MOL to export natural gas from Iraq to Europe. Keep in mind that we are writing formal business news not a business feature, feature is different.

And after the lead comes the body, this is where the facts supporting the lead are written. The body can be consist of many sentences unlike the like. It is also consist of uncertain amount of paragraphs but it is better to write not more than 4 paragraphs in the body. We are writing news not a novel. I have written a one paragraph body before and it was not a bad idea.

Example of a body: The team up of the companies aim to supply the planned Nabucco pipeline that will stretch out between Turkey and both Central and Eastern Europe. With this route, the Europe's dependence to Russian gas would decrease enormously.

The deal was announced Sunday by Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum that will give a 10 percent stake in the holding company to both OMV and MOL that controls the UAE based firm's natural gas operation in Iraqi territories such as northern and Kurdish region.

And the last part would be the closing paragraph which includes the conclusion and the supporting details about the topic. This is only one paragraph but no certain amount of sentences is necessary. Although this is the last part, it should also hold facts regarding the topic. This is also an important part because it can leave "sensation" to the reader's mind.

Example of closing paragraph: with this deal OMV will pay an amount of $350 million for its share, and will be reinvested into the project. Crescent and Dana Gas will each take a 3 percent stake in Budapest-based MOL. This team up will benefit both continents and build a strong relationship.

And that's it; we have created a business news article. We have provided the general idea-The team up with UAE and European companies for the exportation of Iraq gas. And the key idea-This team up will provide both continents not only in the business aspect but also in good relationship aspect. I really hope I taught you well. I know that it's quite long. Thank you for your time

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodbye, Iceman

After a decade of fighting inside the octagon and creating a foundation that made UFC into the mainstream of American sports. Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell is finally saying goodbye to the octagon. With a dissapointing TKO lost in the very first round from Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 97: Redemption, it made easy for UFC President Dana White to declare that The Iceman has had enough. Mixed martial arts fans all over the world, including me, will really miss the Iceman making his signature victory pose inside the octagon.

The Iceman had his baptism of blood in 1998 with a decision victory over Noe Hernandez at UFC 17: Redemption, noticed the coincidence? His first fight was in UFC 17: Redemption and his last was in UFC 97: Redemption (again). His first lost
was with Jeremy Horn at UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns due to Arm Triangle Choke and had his revenge at UFC 54: Boiling Point due to a barrage of punches. Liddell has been known with his ferocious strikes and excellent takedown offense, although he has a collegiate wrestling background, almost all his fight he can be seen standing because of his kickboxing discipline. Personally, I've watched his takedowns only twice-his fight with Wanderlei Silva and Shogun Rua. With this style, he had proven that UFC is not all about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu just like what Royce Gracie had done and made him the first UFC Champion, a pure striker has also a place inside the octagon and can also do submissions. In fact, in his 21 fights one of them is a submission, a rear naked choke over Kenneth Williams.

The Iceman has created two of the greatest rivals in UFC; the first was with his former sparring partner Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad boy" Ortiz who had no victory over him and with Randy "The Natural" Couture that won only once in their trilogy making him the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He really deserves a spot on the hall of fame because of his greatest fights. Everytime he steps inside the ring, expect that it will not be a boring fight, everytime he fights he give his all and although he lost 7 times, he is very much respected and of course he deserves it.

Chuck Liddell might has retired but the memories of the fights he fought with his ferocious strikes, deadly kicks and brutal ground and fight, will never be forgotten. The Iceman will never melt in our hearts. Thank you for all those years inside the octagon, Chuck.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 2010 Election: That Is The Question

The countdown to 2010 Philippine Election has begun. Last night I was watching a forum on TV where some of the presidential candidates answered some questions and interacted with the audience, mostly the youth. A concert was also held for the anticipated election where the performers urge the people to vote. The election is just around the corner, people are talking about it. But wait, are we sure that there will be an election in 2010?

The House of the Representatives is a picture of a silent war. Some of the congressmen, most of them allies of the current government, are trying to change the constitution and implement the undying Charter Change. This is a serious threat to our democracy, although these congressmen are saying that there will be an election regardless of Charter Change, some say that it’s for economic purposes, some say that it will progress the country, etc., etc. As I understand the essence pf Charter Change, the constitution will be changed; the government system might as well change. Meaning, if the law under the new political system says that the current president will automatically still be the president, or prime minister then we have no choice but to obey because that is the law. Logically, if Charter Change prevails then what the congressmen supporting Charter Change say today regarding the essence of the election the will be just plain nonsense ness.

I believe that this time is the perfect time to observe all the candidates of the coming election, if we have to investigate about the issues the candidates faced or are now facing, and then we should. But first let’s be observant regarding what is happening inside the House of the Representatives, the senate and even inside the Malacañan Palace because one morning we might wake up in a country where the government system has been changed and the right to vote was already taken from us suddenly. This is not the time for anticipation but the time for awareness.

Personally, I’m excited about the election because it will be my first time to vote. I really don’t understand why some congressmen are trying to relive Charter Change; I don’t know what they’re up to. Is there something wrong about the constitution? Is there something wrong about the current political system? Did the previous leaders make mistakes? I think these questions are some of the issues they have to answer so that the Filipino people are aware of why they are doing such actions. I believe that whatever political system we are into as long as the leaders are not doing their part, it will be useless.

The debate between whether the election will be manual or computerized is still on going. The bidding is not yet finish, there’s still plenty of time but just like what happened before there’s a possibility that manual election will stay. I really don’t mind if we would implement a computerized election or we will vote the old fashioned way as long as we will be responsible of our votes. This is where integrity comes into place. Let’s not make the same mistakes anymore; if we want change then we have to practice our rights morally. If we have to guard our votes just for the sake our beloved country, then, why not?

And as the member of the youth, with the help of my blog I will say my opinions-this is a free country. I will be observant of what is happening-that is my responsibility. And I will vote what my mind and my heart say no matter what-that is my right.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Than You Think You Are

Back in June 2008, I was one of the most frustrated people in the world. With only a 2-year diploma from a computer school, I started my quest for a career in the business capital of Metro Manila. After a long pursue of a career, companies only questioned my accomplishments in college. Until one morning I received a phone call for an interview, with the thought of rejection floating in my head as I started my journey to the company. When I got in the building, the interviewer Ms. Arlene Tirad entertained me and told me to be back the next day. The next day I took the exams and went home, I’m used to rejection so I ignored the thoughts in my mind until one Monday morning; a phone call changed my life.

I was accepted as a Java programmer trainee in DataBridge Asia. At last, the quest is over. At first, I was a little uneasy because my co-trainees were all graduates of 4-year courses and I’m the only one from vocational course and also the youngest. There were ten of us and I was thinking that the training might be the fruit of their long stay in school and a long strive for a career but I’m only there because of luck-I felt guilty.

Our home was about to be demolished that time and we were trying to find a way to raise money to find a new home. In the morning I would try to find ways to get money and at night I train with many thoughts in my mind that sometimes I just want to burst into tears as I walk from Ayala MRT Station to Ayala Avenue.

Ms. Tirad called me for an interview for evaluation and as she asked me questions I finally burst into tears as I try to tell my story with a shaky voice. I would not forget the way she tried to comfort me. She told me somehow that it was not luck that enabled me to train with them-I think she saw something in me. And she said, “If it was not written on your resume that you’re a graduate of a 2-year course, I would think that you are a graduate of a 4-year course because of your capacity”, those words really moved me, I could not believe that someone from a corporate world have said those words to me. It made me understand the saying “more than you think you are”.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Coconut Products Help Fight Influenza A (H1N1)

According to recent reports at this time there's no certain medicine for influenza A (H1N1) formerly known as swine flu, the name has been changed so that the meat market will not be affected. But there's no reason to panic, influenza A (H1N1) can be prevented and the answer is the tree of life-virgin coconut oil.

Studies has it that consumption of coconut products have natural vitamins that boost the immune system and prevent the virus from entering your body. The medicine for influenza A (H1N1) is still in the process of discovery but there's a possibility that the medicine might be expensive especially for the 3rd world countries like the Philippines.

The good news is Philippines has more than enough supply of coconut products. Fortunately, influenza A (H1N1) has not yet entered the Philippines but just in case, consumption of coconut products should be mandatory to prevent illness because of the virus. Let us always remember prevention is better than cure.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacman has Assassinated the Hitman

After, almost 5 months of wait finally east and west clashed with their furies inside the boxing ring. Much has been said about the fight, Floyd Mayweather Sr. said that he could not see the skills in Manny “PacmanPacquiao, well this day is his answer and as the saying goes “the truth hurts”-and the truth is after Mayweather’s colorful boasting it turned out that his protégé Ricky “The HitmanHatton has only lasted 2 rounds inside the ring with Pacman. So, what you gonna say Mayweather Sr.?

Even before the fight, two fighters have their own distinctive aura. Hatton went out with a strong aura just like his every fight, ready to smash anyone on his way. On the other hand, Pacquiao went out smiling with a joyful aura just like his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, he doesn’t look nervous at all and also another Filipino was beside him-the WWE Superstar David “Batista” Bautista who waited 2 years just to assist Pacman to the ring. Inside the ring, Pacman showed first his respect to God as he bowed down on the corner just like he always does in his fights.

The first round, I thought the two fighter will first try to measure each other but I was surprised when Hatton came in swinging just like what he does in all his fight. I thought he changed his style a little bit because sometimes he is too reckless but there he goes again. He tried to get there first, he had sent couples of combinations to Pacman’s face but almost none had connected. Hatton played dirty tactics Floyd Mayweather Jr. style as he grabbed Pacman’s arms to prevent his counter attacks but those dirty tactics have done nothing against Pacman, so Mayweather Jr. you might be the next to face the greatest fighter in the world, be careful you’re dirty tactics will be useless against the champ. And then Pacman sent a right hook to Hatton’s face sending him to the ground for the first time, you could see Pacman making the sign of the cross in the corner as Referee Bayless counts if Hatton would get up and he did. Before the first round expires, Hatton was caught by Pacman’s combination sending him again to the ground for the second time, Pacman was looking for the kill when the bell rang, the Hitman was saved by the bell.

Second round, Hatton looked recovered and continued to catch the elusive Pacman with his combinations, I was waiting for the technique they will use to knock out Pacman just like Mayweather Sr. said boastfully, he even made a poem about it but second round was about to expire when a quick left hook landed on Hatton’s jaw sending him to the ground cold. Referee Bayless stopped the fight about 7 second left in the round and Hatton was left unconscious . It was really quick I was amazed by Pacman's speed he truly is the best fighter today.

What's next for Pacman? I thought this was the last fight but I think he will face the trash talker Floyd Mayweather Jr. And for Hatton, this fight should be a lesson for him, he showed nothing in the fight he was reckless and aggressive, but I hope this will not be his last fight. I believe Hatton should study what happened and start from the scratch again, by doing this I think he could put his self on top again.

I really wish that Pacman-the greatest fighter in the world will face the king of dirty boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. How I wish I could watch the two collide inside the ring, live.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pacman vs. Hitman

After long years of wait, finally Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will face one of the graetset fighters of the west-Ricky “Hitman” Hatton. I’m tired of watching Pacquiao crashing the careers of every Mexican boxers including Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya (he’s also a Mexican, right?). Pacquiao doesn’t like the moniker “Mexicutioner” but yes, he is. And now, in a few days (or hours) the east will finally meet the west inside the boxing ring. There’s a lot of speculations about the fight- Pacman has the speed but Hitman has the power, after the fight we will find out which of the two factors is more essential to be the better fighter.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has a record of 53 fights; 48 he won by knockout, 2 losses-his first loss was with a co-Filipino Rustico Torrecampo , second was with Medgoen Singsurat who technically, lost the belt at the scales as he surpassed the weight limit of 112 lbs (51 kg) and the third was with Erik Morales who later on lost to Pacman via KO in “Morales vs. Pacquiao 3”. He has alos 2 draws with Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez-who later on was also lost to Pacman in “Unfinished Business” . He has known for his distinctive style (personally, I think Pacman has no style at all) . He is the former WBC lightweight world champion, WBC super featherweight world champion, IBF super bantamweight world champion, and WBC flyweight world champion. He has also held the Ring Magazine titles for featherweight and super featherweight divisions, and now, he is Ring Magazine’ #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world

On the other hand, Ricky “Hitman” Hatton has a record of 46 fights; 45 he won by knockout, with only 1 loss to large-mouth Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He was the WBA Welterweight Champion, but relinquished this title on 31 August 2006. He is also the former WBU, WBA Light Welterweight Champion and WBC, WBA, WBO Inter-Continental Light Welterweight Champion, and current Ring Magazine Junior Welterweight Champion, wow that’s a lot of achievements.

Both fighters are thirty years old. Hitman might be heavier and has longer reach but it doesn’t matter for Pacman has defeated the Golden Boy before. This will be a really good fight, Pacman has his countrys pride on his shoulders and also for Hitman. Let's just expect the unexpected I would say. I'm a Filipino and naturally I'm cheering for Pacquaio but at the back of my mind it doesn't really matter if he will lose to Hitman. His fight with Hitman could be, if not the last, the second to the last fight before his retirement. If he will lose to Hitman, I think it's okay, he have proven a lot inside the ring. But if Pacman wins then he could retire or he could face the not so great boxer but a great trash talker (in my opinion) Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for his ultimate fight before his retirement. And if Hitman wins then he has a good reason for a rematch for you know who.

And in the end, the better fighter (or the luckier fighter) would be the one who will leave the ring victorious.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support Lozada

I was bothered of what happened to Jun Lozada, the whistle-blower of the ZTE scandal is now the one who is going to jail. What!? This is ridiculous, his case filed by Mike Defensor was perjury but the people Lozada accused have never been filed a single case. This is a big SLAP to the face of the Filipino people, the people who Lozada have exposed should be the one to be put in jail, all of them even the politicians or even the first gentleman who I’ve known nothing about but controversies.

The Arroyo Administration has denied that they’ve used Defensor to take revenge to Lozada. Well, they can deny all they want, after all that’s what they have doing for the past years. I believe this would be the best time for the Filipinos to take actions, I’m not saying that we should revolt against the government but at least we should show them that we are not stupid and ignorant. The election is coming so we have to expect a lot of controversies. If Lozada is going to jail then the people behind ZTE scandal should be the first to step in jail.

Let’s support the truth, let’s support Lozada.
No Job? No Problem

Losing a job is one of the worst moments in someone’s life. After a long search and service for the company, you will receive the bad news or hear the sharp words; “You’re fired!” in less than 10 minutes and the next thing you know you’re out of the company. And then, it’s like you’re starting all over again, when frustration sets in you’ll come up with an idea to find another job. You will, again, climb the highest buildings and face the tidal wave of competition just to find out the ‘no vacancy’ sign on the door. How will you cope up with the daily expenses? How will you take care of your family? How about your dream? Can I take the risk of starting a small business? These questions settle in your mind and give you sleepless nights. Stressful isn’t it? Yes, it is, but losing your job is not the end of everything, it doesn’t mean that you will lose your dreams and become unsuccessful in life. If you lost something then gain something, there are effective ways of gaining a job much better from the one you lost, a job suitable for your skills, knowledge and even your talents, and eventually land in a fulfilling career. Just take advantage of the internet.

Nowadays with technology fast progressing, information is just at the tips of your fingers. If you’re not familiar using the internet, don’t worry, you’ll learn it in no time. Use the net to search for jobs that are demand today, if you have knowledge or expertise in a certain field, search for new trends about that field. From that point, evaluate what you have learned from the net and the expertise you have. If you consider changing your career path, also consider the new skills you have to learn and the trainings you have to undergo. And if you’re worrying about the companies where you could establish your new beginnings, the answer is just a click away. provides, trainings, tips, seminars, everything you need to establish a new career path. All you have to do is send your resume.

Remember; don’t be afraid to learn new things. Learning is a continuous process. If you are worrying about your age try to read the story of Daniel Webster who learned fifteen languages at the age of fifty or Henry Ford who established a great enterprise at the age of sixty. How about Goethe who finished Faust when he was eighty-one or Sophocles who wrote Oedipus Rex at seventy-seven? Titian painted his greatest masterpiece at eighty-five and William Henry Jackson painted the historical murals in the new Department of the Interior, a Washington landmark at ninety-three. The list is long for the people who learned new things and eventually gained their goals unmindful of their age. Life is short, learn more, ignore the havoc of recession don’t let it destroy you just focus on self-improvement.

Always motivate yourself by complimenting the good qualities you have and the great things you’ve done. Tell yourself that you’re great and you will be great. Don’t worry about how long you have to wait to get a new job; will not let you wait for a long time, you will be surprised one day – you have a new job. Take tests to measure how much you’ve changed, always seek for advice and ask questions.

Having a career is not always about how much salary you receive every month, it is also about finding your purpose and your full measure of happiness. But because of some circumstances, we are forced to build a new path towards our dreams, it might be painful at first, cry if you have to, but stood up and take another step, again. The path has been changed but it still leads to your dreams. With a little prayer and help from, losing a job is not the end; it’s just the beginning of everything.

Friday, April 24, 2009

When Tables Have Been Turned

Lance Corporal Daniel Smith has officially left the Philippines after almost 3 years of being jailed because of rape. He has now flown to his home country but I'm sure he will not forget what had happened to him. As for Nicole, she is now also in the U.S. and had moved on but is now still haunted for what she did-she announced that she isn't really sure if what had happened was rape. Because of this, the accused became the victim and the victim is now the target of the anger of the Filipino people. The tables have been turned.

I could not blame the court of letting Lance Corporal Daniel Smith because what had happened is the result of Nicole's actions. Some would say that Nicole was bribed; some would say that she realized what really happened was just a plain "job", etc... Honestly, I don't know what happened to Nicole that changed her mind but the Filipinos are now angry at her and, also, I could not blame them.

In this case, it's safe to say that Nicole's statements are not the only factor for Smith's freedom. I want to believe that the court has intelligently studied the case so that the issue of Smith being a victim of injustice here in the Philippines will be erased especially in the mind of the foreigners. This is now a question of dignity.

I really hope that Smith has learned his lessons and would respect women and I hope he finally understood the meaning of "reputation". If there are problems regarding VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement), it should be properly discussed because there's a lot of pros and cons about it. By this way, we can prevent what had happened. And for Nicole, I really wish that she had happened, she should be ready for the consequences of her actions, this is a serious matter knowing that after all she has won the case and the flipping all the cards.

But as what I believed before, poverty is the main factor of the Subic rape case. As long as there is poverty, prostitution would be present. So, politicians please do your jobs instead of arguing because of nonsense matters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes in April

My current situation is in the boundaries of being a mess and trying to get out from that mess, honestly from this point I really don’t know what to do and where to go. After a lot of ups and downs for the past 2 years, I have faced the miserable turning points in my life that almost shattered the very foundations of my dying hope. But sometimes in April I would walk down the memory lane and try to live each and every moment where I used to be a joyful boy without worries torturing my mind. Sometimes in April I would bring back to life the moments I had with my grandmother before her tragic lost.

It has been 4 long years since I’ve been to my hometown. I would wonder how my beloved hometown looks now. I’m sure that many things have changed for the past 4 years-some houses might have gone, some places might have been developed or destroyed and some people I know might have already gone and all I can do here is to wonder what is going on there.

We would spend our vacation there when I was a boy, we would stay in our grandmother’s house and play around the backyard, we would run around all morning, climb the trees, feed the chickens and watch the wide rice fields as God paints the sky of His masterpiece each single afternoon while the birds fly by from afar creating a wonderful sight with the wind kissing my cheeks and at that moment I felt so close to nature, so close that I didn’t want it to end.

There is a river where I learned how to swim and it is also the place where my grandmother and me used to spend time together. She would wash the laundries there and I would search for crabs or play with my friends. My grandmother would tell me entertaining stories about a lot of things, we would eat our lunch on the huge rocks on the waters and we would go home in the afternoon. But first, we would chat with the people we would pass by living near the river. It was such a pleasant memory.

But after my grandmother passed away, those moments turned into just memories that would never happen again. They would bring me nostalgia and would visit me especially at the hard times of my life. I really miss my grandmother and the precious moments we’ve shared. I also miss my province where I have felt excessive happiness. But from this point, I have to build my own life, I have to make decisions that would sculpt my future, and I have to face the awful truths of being a man. But I’m still hoping that sometimes in April I would come home to my hometown and somehow relive the memories.

Sometimes in April, rain would come in the middle of a sunny day, replacing the sunny afternoon heat with the sound of angry raindrops on the roofs. Sometimes in April, I would believe that everything’s going to be all right in the middle of painful struggles, replacing the sufferings with the flame of hope caged by cold frustrations. And sometimes in April, I would just lie down and wonder what would life bring me in many Aprils to come.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Mother's Sacrifice

Many of my friends compliment the appearance of my hands, they would tell me that they're unique, beautiful, soft, etc. But when I was a child I would think that there something wrong with them, I thought they are "weird". My aunt told me that my hands look exactly the same as my mother-that was long before she had children.

Last night I was massaging my mother's tired hands, they are rough, thin, scratched, the skin tells a lot of story about suffering, pain and sacrifice but still you can see the beauty they once had. And as my fingers try to ease the pain of my mother's long day work, I realized that being a mother is the hardest role to play in this cruel world.

When we moved in Commonwealth living each single day is a struggle, but somehow my mother find a way to earn money so that we could eat 3 times a day. Almost every morning I would hear the sound of the running water, the "crunchy" sound of the clothes being washed over and over again. And as I watch my mother wash the laundries of our neighbors, I would see her hands being "tortured" and battered but she never mind it, what's all in her mind is the agony would provide our daily needs.

I have witnessed it for long years until this very day. Every night I could see her managing the pain the laundries have brought her. She would put ointment onto those tired hands and try to have a quiet sleep for tomorrow she would do it all over again. All I can do is to massage her hands, and as I see the big difference of our hands I made a promise that I would do the best I can to somehow give her a better life and I don't care if my hands would lose their beauty, that's the least I can do for her sacrifice, and her love.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rico's First Crime

I was on the window staring at my plants when I saw Rico under a jackfruit tree two roofs away from their house. I was wondering what he was doing there, I thought he was just playing when I suddenly glance at an unripe jackfruit hanging and Rico was about to grab it while the owner has no idea of what is happening. I tried to shout at him but it was too late.

In squatter’s area where we live, houses are so small that many of them share the same walls. Our house has four walls (naturally) and all of those walls are the same walls of our neighbor’s houses (just try to visualize it, it’s not that complicated). Fortunately, my father had been able to put up a second floor, but again the walls of our second floor, except the north and south where we managed to build two windows and if you come out of those windows you could walk on the roofs of other houses, the remaining walls are the same walls of our neighbors' houses that’s why sometimes we could hear what’s happening in our neighbors’ place, sometimes I could here if there is trouble or if something fishy is going on or if someone is about to do something naughty and one of them is Rico.

Rico was such a pain on the butt ever since the day he learned to walk, he sent six of his friends running home sometimes with a large bruise on their arm, a bleeding lip, scratched forehead and he almost fractured one of his friends arm. And also a lot of times I saw Rico dashing home with blood on his forehead or his elbows, he was such a naughty naughty boy and sometimes his mother would joke that she will not be surprised if she will discover her son inside the jail, her joke has almost come true that boring afternoon but brought me delight and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh out loud of what I saw.

It was a big green jackfruit about ¾ the size of Rico and he was eager to pull it out of the tree. I shouted two times but he didn’t bother although they brought a little nervousness, I could see that in his face but he continue to rotate the green fruit until it snapped out of the tree’s branch. He was barely embracing the spiky jackfruit and I was a little nervous that the owner might see him and suddenly catch him and beat him or worst he might got shot. The jackfruit slipped from Rico’s arms but he grabbed it quickly making a lot of sounds that made him ran a little faster. With his sister and his cousin cheering him, he ran as fast as he could and for less than 10 seconds he managed to run over the two roofs while holding the big green fruit.

I was laughing hard when Rico finished his crime, thank God he was just a 5-year old boy and he couldn’t be jailed for what he did. He received a barrage of preaching and spanking from his parents and from my mother but he is used to it, he really is a naughty naughty naughty little boy I wonder what he will be in the future. We were silent of what had happened because it might create a hell of trouble knowing that some people in our area are blood thirsty even to those who aren’t “man enough”, I’ve experienced it actually.

Rico might forget it when he grew up but that scene will be painted in my memory forever. It was the day that Rico committed his first crime, and I just hope that he will never ever going to do that ever again.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Children of Poverty

Everyday of my life I would walk along the streets of Commonwealth Avenue. I’m used of the place; my family has lived here for almost 16 years. A lot of things had changed since we arrived fresh from the province; the road has widen, infrastructures were built and some were destroyed, the dirty areas have been dirtier, criminal rate has incredibly gone high but one thing has never changed since the very day I stepped on the ground of Commonwealth avenue-poverty.

With no assurance of what will happen to us here in Manila, my father took the risk of selling our small house in Camarines Sur (Bicol region) and moving here for a brighter future and for better opportunities. We arrived here almost empty handed but that was not really the problem, I and my sister’s biggest problem was the adjustment. We are not used of the noisy and stinky street of the city but little by little, or should I say we have no choice, eventually we have surpassed the challenges.

When I was in elementary I started to understand our real situation, the big difference of being rich and being poor. Unlike in the province where I don’t mind if all we could eat were root crops as long as I can see the beauty of nature just about ten steps from our wide backyard and all who live there has the same house and same situation as we were, but here in the city it is so much different. And living in the squatter’s area is like embracing the fact that poverty has caught us and spiked its claws really deep.

Ironically, you would not find the definition of “wealth” in Commonwealth Avenue only the different faces of poverty-innocent naked children running on the streets, blind people stretching there wary hands for spare coins, people walking the blistering streets who had lost there mind because of different reasons but mainly because poverty had eaten their wholeness, beggars, beggars and more beggars along the way. Sometimes I think about their future and how they would enjoy life especially the innocent children who are not yet aware of their present situation, how would they go to school and live their lives? And most often I would question God; sometimes I could not understand His plans.

Whenever I see every face of poverty, I would think of ways to help them but even I could not help myself-being out of school and also unemployed for two years, I’m a graduate of just 2-year computer science but I’m still thankful of my father’s perspirations so if you’re a graduate of a 4-year course and also a degree but could not still find a job, think about me for heaven’s sake!!!. I’m still eager to find a job but I also had a disease and that’s another problem but I’m still hopeful that one day I would find my place in the corporate world, I am maybe ambitious but that’s all I have. I need to find a way to get out from the claws of poverty somehow and also I’m still praying for the “children of poverty” because I, myself is also one of them.

A part of me still waiting for the time that someday, somehow poverty will vanish and all the sufferings will be replaced with joy. I don’t know when, I don’t know how but I’m still hoping. We, the children of poverty, will find harmony maybe not in this world maybe somewhere I just know we will, I just know…

We are the children of poverty and we are also the children of God…

Sunday, April 5, 2009

There's still Hope...

I would wake up 9 in the morning and take up 2 tablets of medicine just to sustain my "fragile life" and the moment I swallow the 2 "bitter pills", I wonder-is there any hope left for me?.

Before a spot was discovered inside my left lung, I was a desperate jobseeker trying my chances of enormous yet elusive oppurtunities inside the buildings at ayala avenue. I got my chances when I was hired in a call center company and unfortunately they forgot to call me back. I was almost losing hope when an IT company called me and trained me as a Java Progammer. It was a "seesaw" sitauation-I, myself and even the company wasn't sure if the job oppurtunity is securely in hand. After almost 4 months and I guess hundreds of decisions made, my dreams were in front of me when disaster striked.

The doctor's words were like curse penetrating my bones-I have a spot inside my lung or I call it "pre-TB", and I have to take medications for 6 long devastating months. I was frustrated, many times I would question God and wait for His answers but I just found myself sobbing or sometimes tears would fall from my eyes. All the emotions were circling inside me-I was tired I didn't know what to do. "Am I gonna die?", "What will happen after this?", "Will I ever find a job?", and a lot of questions inside my mind and I would just try to imagine things that merely give me comfort or forget what I'm going through.

After the first half of my medications, I planted tomatoes, peppers, flowers inside cans filled with soil (we don't have a backyard, in case your wondering) so that I have the reason to wake up every morning and look over my "farm" if the plants made progress. Another half of my medication, I have drawn anime characters at the back of illustration boards so that I have things to do in a sunny afternoon-I used to draw anime characters when I was a child, so doing things I have long done before is quite refreshing.

I have learned a lot, the love of my parents have nourished me enough and the care of my friends eased the pain somehow. Most of all, I've learned the value of life, I've learned to appreciate even the smallest things I have never imagined I would appreciate. I learned how to symphatize with people that suffers from whether emotional stress or any disease they are undergoing, I've learned to pray to God more often than before-sometimes I find it weird when I talk to someone inside my mind, maybe I was talking to God.

Today is my last day of my medication, I'm happy and also worried because again I have to face the challenge of finding a job and also the fact that my medical issue might affect my "quest". But after what I have gone through and the valuable lessons I have acquired, I am still hopeful, hope is all I got and I know I will survive-I must.