Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Think I'm The Laziest Writer

This blog serves as the container of my thoughts. I was a journalist in our school since I'm in elementary until highschool. I won awards and achievements but those days are over. Until now I still think that I'm the laziest writer. I had a chance to cage success but I let it slip because of my laziness. And somehow I found my salvation when I made this blog.

Life is made up of silly strings, these words coined in my mind when I was playing my guitar. The strings are pararelled and centimeters apart and yet when they are strummed by a skillful guitar player they will create a harmonious sound. Metaphorically, the strings are like life, we are connected to each other although sometimes we don't notice it, just like when I bumped into a stranger and eventually that stranger became my friend, I had a fight with a guy and found out that the guy was my uncle, crazy situations that sometimes we judge people only to find out that in the end some of those people will be the ones on our side. And I believe as you read some of my blogs somehow we are connected, we may not see each other but at least we have shared a moment that only us know, just try to remember we are like silly strings connected to each other, I think that's life and I know, as you read this, you're confuse of what I'm talking about but I hope somehow you will understand my point.

All the posts here are products of everything that would float inside my mind boggling mind. The blogs can be about different emotions that would embrace every human being, about the typical situations that a typical Filipino would encounter and lastly about hope-I have faced a lot of trials in my young life but I still believe in hope. Feel free to leave a comment on any blogs here, unfortunately I could not write blogs everyday because for the meanwhile I dont't have my own computer that's why some of my blogs are almost a novel long. I have created this blog to somehow I have found my purpose not in the real world but at least in the cyberworld.

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