Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mystery of a Friend's Death

It’s been two months since the death of my friend Vincent John, but until now I could still feel his presence. Last night I had a dream of him; it was a weird dream knowing that the whole true story of his death is still a mystery.

I’ve known Vincent for quite awhile. He was my 2nd-year college classmate, I admit at first it was hard for us to cope up with each other because of our different personalities. We “almost” became rivals because of one girl and we had a “cold war” for almost three months I think. But we both love music and eventually the “cold war” ended unexpectedly because of some circumstances that got in the way. Ironically, neither of us got the girl, I fell in love with Jen and she became my girlfriend and she fell in love with one of our friends named Maybelle and of course they became lovers. And the girl we almost fought of (I won’t mention the name) got her bunch of suitors and until now I don’t know about her whereabouts (I just want to forget her anyway).

Everything was well after college (I took up a 2-year computer science course by the way) we were starting a new friendship, until one night we were horrified by a text message sent by one of his sisters (he’s the only boy of five siblings and yes, his also the fifth); the text message clearly said that Vincent drowned. I was totally shocked I didn’t know what to react I thought that it was only a joke. His girlfriend rushed to his house to confirm the text message and after a couple of hours I didn’t do anything but to wait for the cellphone to ring. And the awaited ring banged to my head, it was confirmed, Vincent was already dead along with our future plans. I couldn’t believe, it was so unexpected, I was so horrified.

Our friends and classmates couldn’t also believe of what happened and only one question all of them asked; “How did he die?”, no one could answer even his parents and siblings. The only one who knows is his bestfriend (I think his name is Dwight), but the story was so “wrapped-up” that his bestfriend’s parents tell the story contradicting the story of some other people who were there the day Vincent drowned in the river . They say that they weren’t able to see how Vincent struggled for his life that’s why they weren’t able to save him. But one says that when he was drowning no one helped him neither Dwight or his parents. But one thing’s for sure, the death of our friend was definitely their responsibility.

After his burial his girlfriend Maybelle dreamt of him, she said that Vincent was like trying to say that he’s still alive. Her dream shows Vincent lied down on maybe inside the funeral and suddenly he stood up and told her; “I feel cold”. Last night her dream was almost the same as mine, I saw him lying down with people around him and suddenly he sat up but it seems that no one could see him fully alive, on the next scene he was already on his coffin too big for him and he was wearing a black cloth (in his actual coffin, he was wearing white). It brought me the conclusion that maybe Vincent was trying to imply that something happened before he died, only one knows the whole story and that is Dwight-his bestfriend who until now doesn’t speak about his death.

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