Monday, June 15, 2009

Using CD/DVD Duplication for Promoting Marketing

Duplication of CD/DVD has become a major way of promoting marketing and has proven its effectiveness. This idea was derived from the movies which we see in theatres and become simple in CDs/DVDs. We watch and enjoy these movies at the comfort of our home in a more affordable price. From simple medium of entertainment, CDs/DVDs are now widely used to promote products and services because of their portability and the ability to duplicate them to a certain number and spread their contents. And of course, in any kind of entertainment there are both pros and cons or bad side and good side, and since entertainment has become a recipe for an effective marketing strategy, it’s now up to the people who have to decide.

Duplicating or multiplying the contents of CDs/DVDs can be a very easy process, duplicating softwares are scattered over the cyberspace and they are very easy to use, you just have to consume 5 minutes of your time to read the ‘help’ menu. But then, using CDs/DVDs might have issues about the quality and the audio or video contents they have inside. A minor scratch on the CD/DVD can ruin the whole content that’s why effective handling should also be in mind. Unlike brochures and ad flyers, where you will learn about the products or services in a glance, CDs/DVDs need a player to see what it is all about. Using effective labels that will introduce the products or services briefly and inviting enough so that the potential customer will be willing to get a player and watch the CD/DVD can resolve this issue.

Always remember that the first 7 seconds of the video content is critical. Unlike in movies where the audience has to spend about 2 hours to get the essence of the movie, in marketing it’s a different story. In a fast paced world where everybody is busy multitasking, the CD/DVD should start by communicating with the viewer by stating what it is all about and why the viewer should watch it ‘till the end. It should also be brief enough so that the viewer will not get bored watching the same messages over and over again. Without this aspect, duplicating your CD/DVD will be useless.

Duplication of CDs/DVDs may sound cheap but spend some time studying the cost of the discs, the hours it take for duplicating a certain number of copies and the manpower it requires. Having a systematic way of keeping track of the costs and benefits is very much important in marketing. Make sure that the copies of CD/DVD will not end up in the trash can without getting inside the video player first; if you compromise on the quality then you are wasting your time, money and effort.

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