Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Create Effective CD And DVD Cover / Label Design

Label designs on the cover of CDs and DVDs contribute a big factor on making a CD or DVD attractive and interesting that's why effective ways of creating label designs should be critical especially for business or marketing purposes. A CD or DVD might hold information, collection of songs or movies and especially memorable moments in one's life like weddings, birthdays, reunions, baptisms, etc. Label designs serve as the face of the CD or DVD and create a lasting "impact" to the customer.

Effective label designs make the customer satisfied and can boost the reputation of the company or the maker. Although there are softwares that instantly create label designs, it's still important that you have guidelines to make your label designs more effective.

Here are some tips for creating label designs on over of CDs and DVDs:

1. Make use of appropriate color. Knowledge on color combinations will play a big part on making effective label designs. Use colors that will reflect what's inside the CD or DVD; one example is using bright colors for joyful occasions. Avoid using too much color on the designs so that they will not look too "messy".

2. Put the right graphics on the right place. Be very careful on putting graphics on the label designs. Too much graphics can ruined the cover that's why using simple graphics should always be in mind. It is practical to put the title on the center but if you want to put it on other place on the cover make sure that they are readable. If pictures are need to be on the cover, make sure that they are appropriate to what is inside the CD or DVD so that the customer can easily recognize a certain CD or DVD once they are in the disc shelf.

3. Consider the sizes. The size of a standard disc cover is about 4.74" in width and in height that will be the size you have to work on. Make sure that label designs will not be too crowded on the cover and also on the disc. The pictures should be whole and clear both on the cover and on the disc which measures 120 mm. in diameter. The title can be big enough to cover the top front but do not overdo it provide space for the pictures, texts and graphics.

4. Now, consider the shapes. The cover of the discs has square shape and the disc has a circle shape that's why isometric shapes are very effective on making label designs but it doesn't mean that you will stick to it. Be creative in using shapes that will be the foundation of the label designs, as long as they are coherent to each other they will be very attractive and of course, effective. Don't be afraid to experiment with the shapes to get a better appearance.

5. Be creative in using fonts. Times New Roman font is widely used because of its simplicity and formality but don't always stick on it in creating effective label designs. Use different kinds of fonts to make the label designs inviting. As long as they will not look "messy" together, using different font styles in label designs should also be considered.

6. Research and practice. Take advantage of the internet, search for label designs that are attractive at the same time effective. Try to learn new things everyday and practice what you've learned. Always seek advice from people that are knowledgeable of the industry. Experiment on new techniques; don't always rely on the label designs software.

Creating effective label designs and covers on CDs and DVDs costs a lot of time and perseverance but you should be very patient for there will be great rewards ahead.

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