Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacman has Assassinated the Hitman

After, almost 5 months of wait finally east and west clashed with their furies inside the boxing ring. Much has been said about the fight, Floyd Mayweather Sr. said that he could not see the skills in Manny “PacmanPacquiao, well this day is his answer and as the saying goes “the truth hurts”-and the truth is after Mayweather’s colorful boasting it turned out that his protégé Ricky “The HitmanHatton has only lasted 2 rounds inside the ring with Pacman. So, what you gonna say Mayweather Sr.?

Even before the fight, two fighters have their own distinctive aura. Hatton went out with a strong aura just like his every fight, ready to smash anyone on his way. On the other hand, Pacquiao went out smiling with a joyful aura just like his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, he doesn’t look nervous at all and also another Filipino was beside him-the WWE Superstar David “Batista” Bautista who waited 2 years just to assist Pacman to the ring. Inside the ring, Pacman showed first his respect to God as he bowed down on the corner just like he always does in his fights.

The first round, I thought the two fighter will first try to measure each other but I was surprised when Hatton came in swinging just like what he does in all his fight. I thought he changed his style a little bit because sometimes he is too reckless but there he goes again. He tried to get there first, he had sent couples of combinations to Pacman’s face but almost none had connected. Hatton played dirty tactics Floyd Mayweather Jr. style as he grabbed Pacman’s arms to prevent his counter attacks but those dirty tactics have done nothing against Pacman, so Mayweather Jr. you might be the next to face the greatest fighter in the world, be careful you’re dirty tactics will be useless against the champ. And then Pacman sent a right hook to Hatton’s face sending him to the ground for the first time, you could see Pacman making the sign of the cross in the corner as Referee Bayless counts if Hatton would get up and he did. Before the first round expires, Hatton was caught by Pacman’s combination sending him again to the ground for the second time, Pacman was looking for the kill when the bell rang, the Hitman was saved by the bell.

Second round, Hatton looked recovered and continued to catch the elusive Pacman with his combinations, I was waiting for the technique they will use to knock out Pacman just like Mayweather Sr. said boastfully, he even made a poem about it but second round was about to expire when a quick left hook landed on Hatton’s jaw sending him to the ground cold. Referee Bayless stopped the fight about 7 second left in the round and Hatton was left unconscious . It was really quick I was amazed by Pacman's speed he truly is the best fighter today.

What's next for Pacman? I thought this was the last fight but I think he will face the trash talker Floyd Mayweather Jr. And for Hatton, this fight should be a lesson for him, he showed nothing in the fight he was reckless and aggressive, but I hope this will not be his last fight. I believe Hatton should study what happened and start from the scratch again, by doing this I think he could put his self on top again.

I really wish that Pacman-the greatest fighter in the world will face the king of dirty boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. How I wish I could watch the two collide inside the ring, live.

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