Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to Write a Business News Article

First thing to do on writing a business article is to find a certain topic for example is the team up between UAE and European companies on exporting gas from Iraq and then gather the facts that are necessary to create an informative article. That is the general idea - to inform about the team up between the companies and the key idea is what is the impact of this team up to the business world.

Once we are ready with all the necessary facts we have to think of a title, you can either do this before or after writing the article, just always remember that the title should be in present tense. Example: UAE companies team up with European companies to export Iraq gas.

Now let's go to the first paragraph. The first paragraph is called the lead. The lead should answer the 5 w's and 1 h-who,what,when,where,why and how, it is not necessary to answer all of these in the lead but who and what should be always included in the lead. This is very important because you want the news article to be straight to the point. This is where the facts come into place. Remember that the lead should be a one sentence paragraph; you might be thinking that it's a long one sentence-yes it is. Example: Two energy companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates announced there partnership with Austria's OMV and Hungary's MOL to export natural gas from Iraq to Europe. Keep in mind that we are writing formal business news not a business feature, feature is different.

And after the lead comes the body, this is where the facts supporting the lead are written. The body can be consist of many sentences unlike the like. It is also consist of uncertain amount of paragraphs but it is better to write not more than 4 paragraphs in the body. We are writing news not a novel. I have written a one paragraph body before and it was not a bad idea.

Example of a body: The team up of the companies aim to supply the planned Nabucco pipeline that will stretch out between Turkey and both Central and Eastern Europe. With this route, the Europe's dependence to Russian gas would decrease enormously.

The deal was announced Sunday by Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum that will give a 10 percent stake in the holding company to both OMV and MOL that controls the UAE based firm's natural gas operation in Iraqi territories such as northern and Kurdish region.

And the last part would be the closing paragraph which includes the conclusion and the supporting details about the topic. This is only one paragraph but no certain amount of sentences is necessary. Although this is the last part, it should also hold facts regarding the topic. This is also an important part because it can leave "sensation" to the reader's mind.

Example of closing paragraph: with this deal OMV will pay an amount of $350 million for its share, and will be reinvested into the project. Crescent and Dana Gas will each take a 3 percent stake in Budapest-based MOL. This team up will benefit both continents and build a strong relationship.

And that's it; we have created a business news article. We have provided the general idea-The team up with UAE and European companies for the exportation of Iraq gas. And the key idea-This team up will provide both continents not only in the business aspect but also in good relationship aspect. I really hope I taught you well. I know that it's quite long. Thank you for your time

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