Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Than You Think You Are

Back in June 2008, I was one of the most frustrated people in the world. With only a 2-year diploma from a computer school, I started my quest for a career in the business capital of Metro Manila. After a long pursue of a career, companies only questioned my accomplishments in college. Until one morning I received a phone call for an interview, with the thought of rejection floating in my head as I started my journey to the company. When I got in the building, the interviewer Ms. Arlene Tirad entertained me and told me to be back the next day. The next day I took the exams and went home, I’m used to rejection so I ignored the thoughts in my mind until one Monday morning; a phone call changed my life.

I was accepted as a Java programmer trainee in DataBridge Asia. At last, the quest is over. At first, I was a little uneasy because my co-trainees were all graduates of 4-year courses and I’m the only one from vocational course and also the youngest. There were ten of us and I was thinking that the training might be the fruit of their long stay in school and a long strive for a career but I’m only there because of luck-I felt guilty.

Our home was about to be demolished that time and we were trying to find a way to raise money to find a new home. In the morning I would try to find ways to get money and at night I train with many thoughts in my mind that sometimes I just want to burst into tears as I walk from Ayala MRT Station to Ayala Avenue.

Ms. Tirad called me for an interview for evaluation and as she asked me questions I finally burst into tears as I try to tell my story with a shaky voice. I would not forget the way she tried to comfort me. She told me somehow that it was not luck that enabled me to train with them-I think she saw something in me. And she said, “If it was not written on your resume that you’re a graduate of a 2-year course, I would think that you are a graduate of a 4-year course because of your capacity”, those words really moved me, I could not believe that someone from a corporate world have said those words to me. It made me understand the saying “more than you think you are”.

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