Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 2010 Election: That Is The Question

The countdown to 2010 Philippine Election has begun. Last night I was watching a forum on TV where some of the presidential candidates answered some questions and interacted with the audience, mostly the youth. A concert was also held for the anticipated election where the performers urge the people to vote. The election is just around the corner, people are talking about it. But wait, are we sure that there will be an election in 2010?

The House of the Representatives is a picture of a silent war. Some of the congressmen, most of them allies of the current government, are trying to change the constitution and implement the undying Charter Change. This is a serious threat to our democracy, although these congressmen are saying that there will be an election regardless of Charter Change, some say that it’s for economic purposes, some say that it will progress the country, etc., etc. As I understand the essence pf Charter Change, the constitution will be changed; the government system might as well change. Meaning, if the law under the new political system says that the current president will automatically still be the president, or prime minister then we have no choice but to obey because that is the law. Logically, if Charter Change prevails then what the congressmen supporting Charter Change say today regarding the essence of the election the will be just plain nonsense ness.

I believe that this time is the perfect time to observe all the candidates of the coming election, if we have to investigate about the issues the candidates faced or are now facing, and then we should. But first let’s be observant regarding what is happening inside the House of the Representatives, the senate and even inside the Malacañan Palace because one morning we might wake up in a country where the government system has been changed and the right to vote was already taken from us suddenly. This is not the time for anticipation but the time for awareness.

Personally, I’m excited about the election because it will be my first time to vote. I really don’t understand why some congressmen are trying to relive Charter Change; I don’t know what they’re up to. Is there something wrong about the constitution? Is there something wrong about the current political system? Did the previous leaders make mistakes? I think these questions are some of the issues they have to answer so that the Filipino people are aware of why they are doing such actions. I believe that whatever political system we are into as long as the leaders are not doing their part, it will be useless.

The debate between whether the election will be manual or computerized is still on going. The bidding is not yet finish, there’s still plenty of time but just like what happened before there’s a possibility that manual election will stay. I really don’t mind if we would implement a computerized election or we will vote the old fashioned way as long as we will be responsible of our votes. This is where integrity comes into place. Let’s not make the same mistakes anymore; if we want change then we have to practice our rights morally. If we have to guard our votes just for the sake our beloved country, then, why not?

And as the member of the youth, with the help of my blog I will say my opinions-this is a free country. I will be observant of what is happening-that is my responsibility. And I will vote what my mind and my heart say no matter what-that is my right.

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