Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jollibee on Glee: Another Reason to Be Proud

Yup, Jollibee became a Pinoy household term throughout the years, we have watched and fancied its commercials, amused by Jollibee mascots when we were in our toddler years and seeing the familiar logo on comdey-musical Glee gives us a little pinch in our hearts.

This clip is from Glee episode 19; "Dream On," aired on May 18, 2010.

This episode, shot in Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles, California, centers on Artie (played by Kevin McHale) being able to stand-up from his wheel chair and dance but at the end it reveals that he was just daydreaming thus the title "Dream On."Justify FullAlthough there are other stores or restaurants at the background, Jollibee store is seen clearly that you can even see the "meal board" inside.

It's evident that Jollibee established its reputation in the US Market widening our channel to global recognition, something that Filipinos can be proud of. Currently, there are 26 Jollibee stores in the US.

I will not be surprised if one day I would watch Jollibee himself dancing with the characters of Glee or see him in other US TV series.

Not impossible, right?


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