Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coheed and Cambria in Manila: It Will Be a Rockin' July

coheed and cambria in manila
They've been rockin' the world for 15 years, following the footsteps of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Police, Misfits, Queen and Thin Lizzy.

Their hits such as "Faint of Hearts","The Suffering","Welcome Home" and many more (some titles are too long to type :D) hit the air waves giving prog-rock a new picture.

They were once considered the future of progressive rock and have been touring all around the world and finally, Philippines is now on their tour list.


Coheed and Cambria Concert
I'm a big fan of Coheed and Cambria, back in college I was hungry for a genre that sounds like Led Zep or Pink Floyd and CoC came to my rescue. Me and my band have covered most of their songs and I like the them of their music.

The lyrics of their songs are actually based on the graphic novel with the same name; Coheed and Cambria written by Claudio Sanchez himself, the vocalist/ guitar player of the band. And many times I wished that they should have a concert here in the Philippines.

And when I saw this post, I was surprised and excited! I thought I'll be watching them perform only in DVDs!

The date is probably on 30th July 2010, don't would be Friday. The venue is would be at A-Venue Events Hall in Makati.

They'll be promoting their new album entitled "Year of the Black Rainbow"

Year Of The Black Rainbow

I'll be in the concert no matter what! But for the meantime I think I need to buy a cool shirt for the long-awaited concert.
Coheed and Cambria Kimono T-ShirtCoheed and Cambria Watercolor T-Shirt
Coheed and Cambria Arson T-ShirtCoheed and Cambria Guitar Shot T-Shirt

Can't wait to watch them live! I wish they'll perform "Wake Up" just like how they perform it many concerts before.

See you there! Rock on!


  1. They didn't play Wake Up for us in Denver, but Pearl of the Stars has that same slower, softer, eerie quality to it, and is amazing. :D

  2. Are any of those shirts available locally?

  3. you can order them online and ship them at you're home. i'm getting one of them before the concert :D

  4. I think metal or progressive rock bands are much better at traveling the world. I had to follow up a lot of my favorite bands around the world to see them live. I still think California and London get the best concerts, espeically if you are into rock.



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