Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support Lozada

I was bothered of what happened to Jun Lozada, the whistle-blower of the ZTE scandal is now the one who is going to jail. What!? This is ridiculous, his case filed by Mike Defensor was perjury but the people Lozada accused have never been filed a single case. This is a big SLAP to the face of the Filipino people, the people who Lozada have exposed should be the one to be put in jail, all of them even the politicians or even the first gentleman who I’ve known nothing about but controversies.

The Arroyo Administration has denied that they’ve used Defensor to take revenge to Lozada. Well, they can deny all they want, after all that’s what they have doing for the past years. I believe this would be the best time for the Filipinos to take actions, I’m not saying that we should revolt against the government but at least we should show them that we are not stupid and ignorant. The election is coming so we have to expect a lot of controversies. If Lozada is going to jail then the people behind ZTE scandal should be the first to step in jail.

Let’s support the truth, let’s support Lozada.

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