Monday, May 17, 2010

You're a Full-Blooded Rocker If...

I have known a lot of Beatles songs before I've learned how to walk.

Songs like "Hey Jude","Yesterday","Can't Buy Me Love" and so on and so forth would complete my day. I consider my father as my greatest influence, he would sing out loud and I would follow not knowing the words coming from my innocent mouth.

Once There Was a Way--: Photographs of the BeatlesThe BeatlesGUNS N ROSES - Slash on Stage - Music Poster

I would remember going to school for the first time and my first days were a struggle because I don't know how to sing nursery rhymes.

And when I saw Guns 'n Roses on TV, I was staring at Slash as he make his kick-ass solos, I was mesmerized and I was like "Hey, I wanna be like him someday."

Just before I knew it, I believe I am a rocker. And I'm thankful that I am.

No, I'm not an expert these are just my thoughts. And I think you're a full-blooded rocker if...

1. You can't get enough of rock bands. You have watched them and listened to their songs a million times and you're day is not complete without hearing the distinctive bass slaps, drum rolls, crazy leads and thundering shouts but still you can't get enough of them. You might have even performed their songs to get girls.

Nirvana Band Shot Fabric Poster Wall HangingFUNERAL FOR A FRIEND - Band - Music Poster
2. You love wearing statement and band-named tees. You don't want to tell the world that you love rock music and you're a full blooded rocker, you just want to express yourself and show that you're proud of what you love.

I Love My Hair White T-shirtAC DC Highway to Hell T-Shirt
3. You would spend money to see their concerts. Watching their concerts on DVD's is lame, you want to see them perform live, you want to scream out loud raising your hands as if you're reaching your idols on stage.

4. You have entered the mosh pit. This is like the "baptismal place" of every rocker, if you have entered the mosh pit, you have experienced letting yourself get high with the music and you discover missing tooth, bruises and scratches the next day.

mosh_pit5. You know how to rock your instrument. Lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards or even just your voice. You practice all day, all night to master that John Petrucci solo or Mike Portnoy's almost impossible beat, you try to sing like Sebastian Bach and perform all the rock songs in your head in front of screaming rockers. Play your instrument with all you've, that's the way to do it man!Alfred Van Halen Guitar Virtuoso Guitar Tab Songbook StandardHal Leonard John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums Book Standard

Cherry Lane Metallica - Bass Legendary Licks 1988-1997 (DVD) Standard
6. You are you. They call you names, they call you poser, they call you emo (in an insulting way) and many others - SO WHAT! As long as you can carry yourself and you don't hurt anybody, no matter what they say about your hair, your clothes, your jeans or even your rock posters, you shouldn't care. Who are they, anyway?

Yep, iKISS Faces Fabric Poster Wall Hangingt's just a short list, it doesn't have to be that long and there's no certain criteria on how to be a full-blooded kick-ass rocker, right?

Sometimes being simple is already rock, just like what KISS always say

Keep It Simple S***** :D

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